New Zealand Police Begin “Knock-In” Campaign to Intimidate Conservatives

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

We now have documented evidence of the police showing up and doing “check-ups” on random kiwis for… reasons.

A video has emerged.

They’re not sending their best, are they?

A tan homosexual wearing a very disrespectful pink shirt and a dour bulldyke lurking menacingly in the background can ruin anybody’s Sunday. They certainly ruined this man’s day off with their “we just want to talk, please don’t record us on camera, we think you’re secretly a conservative, bruv” routine.

But because the man kept filming them and refused to say anything stupid, they left… but promised that they’d come back to talk some more during the week.

This other guy had a more intense run-in with the coppers.

He’s a conservative YouTuber who goes by Cross the Rubicon, and he claims that he’s been targeted by the police after the Christchurch shooting.

The Islamic Police came to his house with guns drawn! 

The New Zealand Islamic Police AKA the New Zealand National Police visit a mosque to get their marching orders on who to arrest for their speech.

They entered his home… twice. Before doing so the second time, they closed off his entire street and brought 15 armed men just in case. When asked why they were there, the police simply replied that they were there to have a chat, demanded to know if he was a no gunz pleb or not, and then told him that they knew all along he wasn’t a threat…

Which is their way of calling him a pussy for not going full Christopher Dorner on them.

It turns out that anybody who is against mass population replacement in New Zealand is getting a knock on their door from the SWAT team equivalent. The victim says that neighbors are being asked to keep tabs on each other, and report back to the police – all under Jacinda’s Occupation Government (JOG).

It is heartbreaking to see these Boomers who have no OpSec learning the hard way that no matter what country you live in, there’s always going to be some cunt staring down at you and ordering men with guns to gag you.

Jacinda and her party (which ran on a pro-worker platform) unironically plan to open the borders of New Zealand to the Third World.

New Zealand has already signed onto the Global Migration Compact and Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who recently converted to Islam as an apology for the mosque shooting, is doing a tour of Europe. She’s no doubt spending time with Emmanuel Macron and picking up tips on how to shoot down the inevitable protests that will boil up in New Zealand once they catch wind of her schemes.

It’s acceleration all around, boys.

This is how it works:

  • Terror leads to heavy-handed repression.
  • The crackdown pushes normal people off the fence because of the resentment it engenders.
  • People are radicalized now and new terrorists have been created by the government’s tactics.
  • Terror attacks follow and the government comes down even harder.
  • They quickly lose legitimacy in the eyes of the population and become widely hated.
  • Eventually, they are either voted out or the armed guerrilla struggle begins in earnest, this time with the sympathy and support of a large chunk of the population.

That’s how the theory goes anyway. 

We’re at the stage where right-of-center men (who would all no doubt denounce White Nationalism in ordinary circumstances) are being harassed by the government and as a result, are waking up to what’s coming. Some, no doubt, are considering joining the local Boomerwaffen because they’ve seen and heard about these police knock-ins and they saw that hijab stunt Jacinda pulled and they’ve put two and two together.

In the end, the teachings of Tarrant-chan may actually end up saving New Zealand.