New Zealand Researchers Receive $800k to Study Whether Racism Affects Health

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2017

Whites are a presumptuous race.

When we see a Nigerian gentleman coughing up blood or shaking violently in the streets, we tend to assume that he’s suffering from Ebola or some other Third World disease that he was irresponsible enough to bring to our shores.

But what if he wasn’t suffering from Ebola at all?

What if the origin of his poor health was the airborne pathogen known as Racism?

This is the question that an upcoming New Zealand study, which has received over $800,000 in government funding, seeks to answer.


The impact of racism on the health of New Zealanders will go under the microscope thanks to an $800,000 research grant to Wellington researchers.

Using data from the New Zealand Health Survey, Drs James Stanley, Ricci Harris and Donna Cormack from the University of Otago, Wellington will spend the next three years working to determine whether racism leads to poorer health across all ethnic groups.

“It is important to understand how racism affects health so that we can better intervene to reduce its negative health effects,” the researchers said in a jointly-written summary.

“We know that people of Maori, Pacific and Asian ethnicities experience the highest levels of racism.”

This is what happens when Jews control our societies.

Right now, our scientists and researchers should be receiving grants to create self-sustaining biodomes on Martian colonies or synthesizing viruses to wipe out races that didn’t discover the wheel.

Instead, they’re receiving grants to question whether racism gives invading armies hypertension.

“Just as I thought: spinal cancer caused by segregated drinking fountains.”

Harris, of Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Raukawa and Ngai Tahu, has previously studied the impact of ethnic health inequities on Maori health.

A report Harris co-authored in 2008, titled The Impact of Racism on Indigenous Health in Australia and Aotearoa revealed: “For Indigenous peoples, unlike white Australians and Pakeha New Zealanders, racism is a fundamental driver of health.”

Seriously, has Dr. Harris ever seen a Maori?

They played the Uruk-hai in the Lords of the Rings trilogy.

And they weren’t wearing make-up.

Racism is the last of these people’s problems.

A 15-year-old Maori girl holding a White child.

Harris also pointed out the health effects of racial attacks through racially motivated physical assault, along with impacts on mental health such as stress and anxiety – which can also affect the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Other negative responses to racism include smoking, alcohol and other drug use.

Yes, goyim, racism causes colored folk to binge on alcohol and huff gasoline!

If you stopped making fun of their skin color for just one minute, they’d transform into productive citizens that don’t consider welfare leeching a legitimate career choice!

They’d also stop being fat and unhealthy, because nothing is more calorific than racial slurs.

“Watchoo mean I be fat cuz of the N-word?”

New Zealander of the Year Taika Waititi is the latest celebrity to get behind a Human Rights Commission campaign to snuff out racism.

“Being a bit racist is super easy,” Waititi says in the wry campaign – titled Give Nothing to Racism.

“Remember, the only thing that can keep racism alive – help it grow – is feeding it, nurturing it – and that’s where you come in. What will you give to racism?”

Does this Maori savage think that life under Chinese rule is better than life under White rule?

Because those are the two choices that these “indigenous” anti-racism promoters are presented with here. You should either shut up and let Whites continue to run a prosperous First World nation that your low IQ tribe has benefited from immensely, or continue with this “anti-racism” and “open borders” nonsense and allow New Zealand to become an extension of China, as has already happened with Auckland.

A recent photograph of central Auckland.

Of course, the same choice also applies to the White New Zealanders spearheading the study itself: if you’re going to promote anti-racism and other pseudo-scientific bilge, then prepare to become Ching-Chonged within your lifetime.

Alas, these people are too overeducated to think in such logical terms.