New Zealand Rugby Team Succumbs to the Gay

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2018

New Zealand and Australia have a long-standing rivalry going. In Clown World, this has degenerated into a virtue-signaling contest.

It’s like the US and Canada. No offense to New Zealanders, but they’re clearly Canada in this metaphor. A small and irrelevant country reduced to virtue-signaling to feel important than their more powerful and based neighbor.

Unsurprisingly, they decided to pull a big PR stunt with the number one export that the country has – it’s rugby team.


At the end of the clip, rugby players also reveal the rainbow colors on their black kits, after they stretched the fabric, which then turns from black into a number of different colors.

The video was released several weeks after Australian rugby star Israel Folau sparked heated debates on social media after saying that gay people would go to hell if they did not repent.

Folau’s comments provoked public outcry, with many people accusing the player of intolerance and homophobia.

The All Blacks’ TJ Perenara condemned Folau for his stance on the gay community, adding that “there is no justification for such harmful comments.”

This is sad on many levels.

Rugby is a big deal for New Zealand. Legions of young White boys grow up wishing and wanting to be part of the All-Blacks team.

And the Hakas are pretty cool.

That’s what the GloboHomo industrial complex does. They take activities that encourage male-bonding and inject them with the gay. Now, a lot of these sporting events attract gays and always have. The reason is simple – gays like being around healthy and fit young men.

This is why homophobia is so necessary for a healthy society. 

Gays will always be attracted to male-dominated activities like ticks to blood. Once tolerance is preached, normal men no longer feel comfortable in these male environments because all of a sudden they’re not sure whether what they’re doing is gay or not.

A lot of stuff you do in male circles can become gay if you allow gays in.

You probably know what I’m talking about.

I’ll give you an example though. 

Back when I did crew in high school, I was a bit blue-pilled on these matters. We were a very tolerant school and saying the word “gay” as a derogatory insult was looked down upon. But I always had my disgust reflex to fall back on and hated fags with a passion, like all young men should.


Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of moments involving locker-room grab-assery.

Some of the “bros” were into ass-slapping and playing around with their dicks in front of other team members – just pushing the whole homoerotic boundary by doing gay shit and saying, “no homo” after it.

On some level, everyone rationalized it away, by telling themselves, “its just guy stuff” or whatever. But to my complete lack of surprise, I later found out that two of the most enthusiastic locker room pranksters were gay. Well, one was “bi” and the other gay.

As a result, looking back, it’s clear why we had shitty team morale. Everyone was at each other’s throats. There was constant politicking over the seats on the boat. No one trusted anyone.

TBQH I feel uncomfortable even talking about male bonding because I’m so afraid of someone being like, “ha, nigga u gay.” Shit, I’m afraid of joining any male-oriented organization because I’m afraid of there being gays in it and me having to second-guess and doubt whether this or that guy is my bro or whether he wants to give me AIDs.

The end result is that I stay out of IRL communities and spend my time with women or online where there’s loads of faggotry, but of a different kind.

And I’m not the only one.

Male-bonding is created when you work together to overcome obstacles, beat other teams and problem solve. By injecting the gay into every fucking thing that men do, whether its rugby or boy scouts, religious services or political activity, the kikes destroy normal male-bonding and trigger men’s disgust instinct.

The result is that normal men withdraw from organizations that allow faggotry to go unpunished. 

And with literally every organization being filled with unrepentant homos nowadays, men just retreat from society in general.

Which is the end goal of the kikes, and feminists.

Gays are a biological weapon used to destroy the internal cohesion of any group by bringing AIDs, gossip, power-climbing and strained relations into that group.

That’s why the homos are so closely aligned with the kikes, even on issues that are seemingly contradictory like Islamic immigration. Their goals align: the destruction of the straight White man.

On the day of the drop, none will be spared.