New Zealand: Stupid Whores Make Justin Beiber Parody Video Saying “I’m Sorry” to Natives

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2016

Leave it up to slut women to sell you out to any sort of monkey.

Auckland Law Review in New Zealand has produced a Justin Beiber parody video with a bunch of women dancing around and apologizing to Maoris for allegedly abusing them hundreds of years ago.

Here’s the description on the YouTube video:

“Obviously” race relations here in NZ are 100% brilliant.

But have you ever wondered what it would look like if our government admitted that they weren’t? If they apologised for the way they acted during and after the Treaty of Waitangi?

Well, wonder no more – the Auckland Law Revue had a think about how an official governmental apology to the Maori people would go…

We came to the conclusion pretty quickly that it’s a bit too late to say sorry…

What kind of ideological system demands that you apologize for things that happened before you were born?

It’s the same system which claims that birth is a “lottery,” where “souls” are just randomly placed in bodies, and an individual has no connection to their ancestors or even their parents (funny how these alleged atheists will get all metaphysical on you when it fits their agenda). That is, of course, the excuse for mass immigration – that we’re all just random individuals and genetics don’t really exist.

From where I’m sitting, the “lottery of birth“/everyone is a a random individual (who all happen to be exactly the same) concept doesn’t mesh well with the idea you are personally responsible for the actions of your ancestors before you were born.

But alas.

Logic doesn’t matter to the masses, and it shouldn’t be used to try to sway them. We could spend six million years deconstructing the logical holes in these idiot arguments, and we wouldn’t be any closer to our goal of swaying mass opinion. It is much more efficient to simply promote our own emotionally-charged counter-narrative, to demonize non-Whites as evil monkeys led against us by conniving, satanic Jews.