Nice Painting, Obama

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2018

Obama got his official portrait done. It’s really amazing. He could have just gotten a normal painting done and it would have put a veneer of legitimacy over his presidency.

But sometimes the id simply has to express itself. The painting says a lot about the first gay president.

PJ Media:

The official portraits of the Obamas were unveiled today to much buzz and criticism. The artist who painted Barack Obama’s portrait is Kehinde Wiley, a well-known, far-left gay painter whose work is racially charged. Anyone with eyes can see Wiley uses race as his main subject. The New York Times pontificated endlessly about his edgy and important work highlighting injustice.

“He redresses the absence of nonwhite faces in museum masterpieces, ‘using the power of images to remedy the historical invisibility of black men and women,’ as Eugenie Tsai, the curator of the Brooklyn Museum show, observes in the accompanying catalog,” the Times wrote.

The painting in question is just…weird.

The proportions are a bit off.

His feet are slightly bent inwards like a school girl’s. Something is wrong with the chair. There appears to be a sixth finger tucked away on his left hand. Both his hands are massive. There are some weird green weeds everywhere. And of course he’s got that smug aura about him.

Compare to this former portrait of a controversial president.

Whatever your opinion of Bush, its normal. But Obama just had to choose a gay black guy for the work with an…interesting portfolio.

Wiley’s shtick appears to be taking famous paintings and recreating them with black people in order to represent blacks in Western masterpieces. (This, of course, begs the question of whether Wiley thinks white people are underrepresented in Asian art or in African art where very few white people are depicted.) His version of “Judith Beheading Holofernes” is raising eyebrows on social media.

Yeah this guy makes paintings of black people chopping off White people’s heads.

Which is normal, I guess.

It’s perfectly normal for a president to choose a gay black artist who creates paintings of blacks chopping off White people’s heads.

And the actual fucking former president thought this was OK.

By the way, here’s Michelle’s portrait.

Naturally, it looks nothing like the former First Silverback.

Here’s the executive summary: this pair of paintings is so out of place and gauche that this pair has virtually ensured that future generations will look at this period of time as an abberation.

This is some goofy banana republic shit.