NZ: Literal Islamic Call to Prayer Broadcast on Radio Nationwide as PM Pushes for Mass Conversion to Islam

Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

The government of New Zealand is just openly pushing for the mass conversion of the population to Islam as a form of apology to Moslems.

First, the female president dressed in hijab, apparently having converted to Islam.

Then she dressed up the ladycops in hijab.

Then all the cops were sent to the mosque to study the Koran.

Now we’ve got this.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a two-minute silence will be observed on Friday to mark a week since the Christchurch mosque shootings.

Ms Ardern spoke at a press conference in Christchurch this afternoon when she made the announcement.

“I know from many there is a desire to show support to the Muslim community as they return to mosques, particularly on Friday.

“There is also a desire amongst New Zealanders to mark the week that has passed since the terrorist attack.

“To acknowledge this, there will be a two-minute silence on Friday. We will also broadcast nationally via TVNZ and RadioNZ the Call to Prayer.”

Ms Ardern says timing on the two-minute silence and Call to Prayer broadcast will be determined soon.

This would be the first time a nation has mass converted to a religion as an apology.

It occurs to me that the issue is two-fold:

  1. New Zealand doesn’t get a lot of spotlight on the international stage
  2. New Zealand women are paranoid of their country being seen as having stuffy and unfashionable conservative social order and being a cultural backwater

This means that the entire country (run by women, of course) had a collective panic attack over the attacks and really REALLY overreacted.

Countries like the UK or Germany or the US are quite used to being in the spotlight and don’t put on quite as much of a show, or lose the plot and start aggressively endorsing Islamic conversion.

We’re all just sitting back now and wondering if anybody in New Zealand is going to say anything about the agenda that the PM is pushing or if they’re all just going to go ahead and convert.

I understand not speaking up now with the whole outrage machine in overdrive/arrests happening… but hopefully this will backfire as a wake-up call to Kiwis for the next elections.

If the lady PM’s plan works and the nation goes ahead and converts, then we can expect this same bizarre strategy to be used in the future.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel would definitely have much easier jobs if their countries were 100% Islamic.