Patriot Prayer Hit with a Civil Lawsuit to Shut Down Their Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2019

Blah blah blah, whatever.

We all know what this is.

The Guardian:

Far-right leader Joey Gibson, several current and former associates, and three Washington State Patrol (WSP) police officers are facing a civil rights lawsuit in Washington state over a violent confrontation at Evergreen State College on 15 June 2017.

Gibson is the leader of rightwing activist group Patriot Prayer and the suit is one of a proliferating set of legal actions associated with Gibson’s activities in Oregon and Washington throughout the Trump era.

The violent incident, which was captured on several videos made by Gibson associates, happened during a rally staged by Patriot Prayer in support of Professor Bret Weinstein, who was at the center of national controversy over his opposition to a day of absence for white staff and students at the college.

The suit has been brought by Washington State civil rights lawyer Larry Hildes on behalf of his client, Joseph Robinson. It alleges that WSP officers collaborated with Patriot Prayer members in the illegal arrest and detention of Robinson at Evergreen College.

In a phone conversation, Hildes said that the aim of the suit was to “get the state patrol reined in” and encourage policy changes. In relation to Patriot Prayer, “I want to shut them down”.

“I want them out of business”, Hildes said of the far-right protest group, “I want them out of existence as an entity”.

Yeah, there we go.

At least they’re honest.

We still technically have a First Amendment in this country, it just doesn’t matter anymore.


  • The government allows tech companies to have total control of online publishing, which allows them to completely silence anyone they want to silence. This is not just on the main platforms. They can also completely remove websites. They failed to do this to Daily Stormer – although they did take our .com – but they appear to have succeeded in doing this to 8chan.
  • The cops allow antifa to attack right-wingers on the street. They will never arrest antifa, and if they are in some rare situation forced to arrest them, they will drop all charges. Meanwhile, right-wingers will be arrested if they defend themselves from antifa attacks. They will be prosecuted and sent to prison.
  • Courts will no longer throw out civil lawsuits which obviously violate the First Amendment. They will allow people, whether it is Jews, blacks, Jewish Sandy Hoaxers or antifa niggers, to go through with lawsuits that clearly are not valid. This forces people to fight the suits, which costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars – money that they cannot get back, even if they win the suit. This is the courts overriding the Constitution, it is intended to have a chilling effect on free speech.

Patriot Prayer was not primarily online, so the online censorship didn’t shut them down.

They managed to stand up to antifa without getting in a fight that resulted in them being prosecuted for fake “riot” charges.

So now they’re being sued in civil court.

This is the alleged “free country” of America.

The alleged free country that thinks it has a right to invade China to bring them freedom, even though the Chinese government could never get away with this level of abuse of its population, and would never try to do so.

The rallying cry of 2019 America is: “If only we had the freedoms that the citizens of communist China have.”

Joey Gibson actually went to promote American-style oppression in Hong Kong. Figure that one out.

And of course, like always: Donald Trump will do nothing to help any of us. 

I would hope that Patriot Prayer gets a tweet from Orange Man, at least.

But they probably won’t.

The Proud Boys didn’t get a tweet.