Please Continue Shilling This Petition to Sit Alex Jones Next to Jim Acosta in the White House Press Corps

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

I don’t know how anyone on the right could disagree with putting Alex Jones next to Jim Acosta in the White House press room.

Even people who think Alex is nuts or whatever – who cares? If you think he’s nuts, then that’s all the more reason to put him next to Jim Acosta.

Furthermore, I don’t think Alex Jones actually is nuts, but do believe that a person who is literally clinically insane would ask better questions than virtually everyone currently in the press corps.

Also, Alex Jones is just going to use most of his question time shilling nutritional supplements anyway.

So please, shill this petition everywhere.

It’s really a disgrace that after ten days, it only has 40k signatures.

It’s like motherfuckers don’t even know that there is a war on for their minds.

I thought Jones was going to move to DC and just agitate politicians full-time after he got banned from most of the internet.

That Marco Rubio confrontation is one of the single best things that’s happened this year.

Marco is such a little faggot, thinking he can take down Alex Jones.

Whether or not he jacks off to trannies, Alex Jones is the archetypal symbol of masculinity, and I wish so badly Marco would have swung on him.

He’s the Charles Bronson of the internet.

Does the commie spic twerp Rubio think he could have taken down Bronson in his prime?

Speaking of people who could easily beat the shit out of Marco Rubio, Tucker has made it a daily thing to talk about AJ and the rest of us getting cockblocked.

This is great because he’s defending us, but it’s also like… he’s getting ready for his own back-up plan, when he gets kicked off of Fox News.

I wish he would have Jones on to promote this petition.