Pompeo the Hutt Signals a Desire for a War with the Chinese in Vicious Speech

Mike Pompeo is a neocon psychopath who is attempting to start a war with China for some reason. In America, we have some very, very big problems. For one thing, the economy was totally destroyed because of an idiotic flu hoax. When the government decides that it can no longer print unlimited money, we are going to have mass unemployment, mass homelessness, drug addiction, divorce, robbery, murder, and everything else.

Beyond that, we are in the middle of a total communist revolution. Virtually every major city in the country is being overwhelmed by a violent mob of black blasters and their screeching white female masters, as they proceed to tear down the entire civilization.

Many people do not think that now is the right time to start some insane world war with the Chinese in order to protect Hong Kong democracy or the Moslems or Vietnamese fishing waters or whatever the hell.

Many people, however, are not Mike Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo believes that right now is the perfect time to fight for democracy against the Chinese.

Mike Pompeo believes America is a country controlled by vicious Jews, and we need to do what slaves of Jews do best: fight random, confusing wars in the name of Israel.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued his rhetorical barrage against China as the top diplomat at the Chinese consulate in Houston suggested they may defy US orders to vacate.

Pompeo’s remarks at the Nixon Library Thursday, titled “Communist China and the Free World’s Future,” cast aspersions on Beijing and its relations with the US, nearly 50 years after President Richard Nixon became the first US president to travel to China.

“We must admit our truth that should guide us in the years and decades to come, that if we want to have a free 21st century, and not the Chinese century of which Xi Jinping dreams, the old paradigm of blind engagement with China simply won’t get it done,” he said. “We must not continue it and we must not return to it.”

He appeared to cast the US-China competition as a modern day Cold War, saying that “securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist Party is the mission of our time and America is perfectly positioned to lead it.”

Pompeo delivered the speech on the heels of a US order to close the Chinese consulate in Houston — “because it was a hub of spying and intellectual property theft,” in his words. The order — the latest in a series of escalations between Washington and Beijing — demands that the Chinese shutter the property by Friday.

Yes. They’re saying that they were using the Houston consulate to steal intellectual property.

Of course, he won’t ever explain what that means, because it makes no sense. It is just gibberish.

China is engaged in mass intellectual property theft – they do it in the factories that our companies moved to their country! It’s in the contracts that they’re allowed total access to these factories.

Why would they be stealing intellectual property in Houston? Where would they steal it from? What does this even mean?

Nothing. It means nothing.

This is simply a belligerent provocation against a major superpower.

We have a helluva lot of problems in this country, and the idea that China is even in the top 20 is absurd. And the top issue that relates to China is trade. What Pompeo is doing with this insane belligerence is making trade negotiation totally impossible.

However, in an interview with Politico Thursday, Consul General Cai Wei suggested the diplomatic outpost may defy that order.

“Today we are still operating normally, so we will see what will happen tomorrow,” he told the news outlet, but did not elaborate further.

Chinese officials have urged the United States to reverse its decision and have threatened retaliation.

State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said that they “had to make the decision to close down this consulate due to this massive, massive theft of our research and our intellectual property.”

“We’ve uncovered spy rings,” she claimed in an interview with “Quest Means Business” Thursday.

“But most importantly, I think what has been very troubling to us is the theft of research from our universities, from our hospitals, the theft of intellectual property, the theft from technology companies. So the FBI and the Department of Justice have started to lay out the case and show the facts again,” she said.

A seven page document prepared by US law enforcement officials and shared across US government agencies details instances of covert People’s Liberation Army activity in the US, including details related to the Houston consulate specifically, according to the document reviewed by CNN.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin denied the allegations that the consulate was the “epicenter” of illicit activities.

The transcript for the speech is not up yet on the State Department website.

I just went there and found this:

Weird coincidence, that number!


One thing I found there I do agree with.

I do NOT trust the Moron Brothers.

The reason that I was looking for the transcript is that I wanted to ctrl+f the word “free.” I think he must have said it 1,000 times in this speech. He said it in every single sentence.

It just makes me sick. It makes me nearly as sick as Angela Merkel saying anyone who questions the lockdown is a “fact-denier.”

America is not a free country. It was a lunatic claim to make before the virus hoax, and at this point, anyone who says “America is a free country” belongs in a padded room. We are not only not free, we are the most un-free country in all of human history.

  • No people, ever, have been forced under threat of state violence to remain in their houses, having committed no crime.
  • No people have ever been forced to cover their faces in public.
  • No government has ever purposefully collapsed their nation’s economy, destroying millions of jobs and tens of thousands of small businesses.

These are all entirely new forms of oppression, invented by the 2020 United States government.

No one denies this. They will just say, “but there’s a virus tho.”

Before the virus though, we still had nothing approaching the amount of freedom the people of China have.

Just look at freedom of speech.

In America, you are not allowed to:

After the banning of QAnon memes from Twitter, it is unclear if you are even allowed to support Donald Trump at all.

In China, you are not allowed to:

  • Denounce the government
  • Produce or distribute pornography
  • Promote homosexuality

It isn’t comparable. In America, entire categories of thought are banned.

What’s more, the enforcement of speech violations is different. In China, if you criticize the government after having been given a warning, you may get a fine. In America, you can be hunted by a mob, and the government will not defend you. You can lose your job and not be able to get another job. Your family can be harassed. Intelligence agents will go see everyone you’ve ever met and threaten them, attempting to extort information about you from them.

What’s more, in America you don’t really even know what you’re allowed to say at any given moment. You can cross lines you didn’t know existed. In China, everyone who breaks speech rules knows what they’re doing before they hit “send.”

Furthermore, the US government has made it clear that protests that they don’t agree with are completely impossible. Three years ago, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Americans gathered to defend a statue commemorating a war our ancestors fought, and they were attacked by the police, driven into a violent mob of terrorists – then many of the protesters were charged with crimes, and sued. This was intended to send a message: the United States government will not tolerate dissent on the streets.

The pattern of allowing government-supporting terrorists to attack dissidents and then charging the victims with crimes has been well-established over the last four years. One high profile case involved the Proud Boys, who were stalked on the streets of New York by Antifa, and when they defended themselves, were arrested. The attackers refused to file charges because they wanted to keep their identities secret, so the city charged them with “rioting.”

In China you can protest freely.

No one attacks you. The cops do not gas you.

The US starting a war with China because they want to enforce freedom on them would be like China invading the US because they want to enforce good driving habits on us.

It is complete bullshit.

If we were invaded by the Chinese, there is zero chance that we would not have more freedom than we have right now in this country. People don’t like hearing that, but it is simply a fact.

I am not defending China. I do not support the Chinese system, and believe that the American Constitution is the very best system of government ever.

We are not operating under the system that was created by our Founding Fathers. Whatever you want to call this current system – “neoliberalism” seems to work, but take your pick, there isn’t really a word for it – it is totally unrelated to any previous system.

I do not want to be invaded and ruled by the Chinese. I want our own people to rule our own country.

I am just telling you what the situation is.

Shills on /pol/ are shilling this nonsense, just like they shilled the hell out of the coronavirus hoax.

What exactly are we even talking about here?

If China is threatening the United States, sure, let’s defend ourselves.

But they’re not threatening us.

They’re allegedly threatening Antifa rioters and Moslems in their own country, and a sea to the south of their country.

We have real problems. We should not even be talking about this.