Private Companies Will Get to “Decide” on Vaccine Passport (Get Thee Out of Her!)

“It’s just an app, bro.”

Just like the “private sector” has a divine right to decide what you can say and think, they have a right to decide how you can move around.

This is democracy or capitalism or whatever.

Wall Street Journal:

Vaccine passports are emerging as the latest polarizing issue in the Covid-19 pandemic, as policy makers debate whether Americans should have proof of inoculation to return to work, travel or attend events.

The Biden administration has said there will be no federal mandate for a single vaccination credential, leaving the issue of whether to require evidence and how to police it to local governments and the private sector.

That has set up a patchwork of policy-making, with dozens of bills making their way through state legislatures across the country—mostly seeking to ban vaccination requirements—and governors taking opposing stands.

Those in favor of vaccine passports say it is the safest and quickest way to reopen economies, while detractors say they would impinge on individual rights and delay economic recoveries. The debate has spilled over into social media posts, calling the passports everything from un-American to an entry point to a two-tier society that would discriminate against the unvaccinated.

Some foreign countries, airlines, entertainment venues and other entities are discussing systems in which proof of vaccination will be the new standard for resuming once-ordinary activities.

Absent a digital standard, the current evidence of vaccination—the paper cards handed out at vaccination sites—could be easy to fake. The CDC has designed a version, which many locations use, but it isn’t required. State and local authorities and even individual sites are coming up with their own cards.

We told you when they let the “private companies” decide your freedom of speech, that it was only a matter of time before they would be deciding other things.

It’s not clear if you’re going to be able to buy food without the vaccine passport.

Amazon Whole Foods is almost certainly going to require it within the next year.

If Walmart then requires it, then what will that mean?

Where will you get your food?

It’s like that “whatchagonnado” reggae song from COPS.

What are you going to do when the vaccine passport is required to buy and sell?

The best and only thing you can do is move out of the city. From what I’ve seen in different parts of America, no one outside of the big cities is cooperating with any of this, and it’s going to be a long hard road into forcing rural people into this.

And if you become involved in your local community, you can work with the local church, mayor, sheriff and so on to stop this Beast 666 system from being implemented.

The Bible says to come out of Babylon.

God isn’t going to trick you.

He’s not going to say: “when the last days come, get out of Babylon” and then say “haha! Nowhere to run, faggot!”

Make an effort to get out of these evil, hellish cities, and God will reward you for it.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be suffering. There is no promise of that.

Good Christians were hunted and fed to lions.

I believe that when you’re being tortured, you can go into shock and the pain mechanism in your brain can turn off, and that these Christians who were killed didn’t feel the full pain of it, but nonetheless – that is still a rough ride, having all your boys crucified and lit on fire in front of you before the starving lions are released on you.

So no promises of happy, happy, joy, joy like the boomer evangelicals claim.

Christians died worse deaths than you can imagine, and they will again.

But things are going to be better for you if you get out of the city.

Everything is going to be better if you do as God says to do.

Maybe some of you have missed this whole discussion, which I can’t find the links to, but over last summer I went through all of this in great detail. If you still have a job in the city, spending 1-3 hours a day commuting to work is not that big of a deal, and the money you save will pay for those hours of commuting.

I give the example of Columbus, Ohio, where I grew up.

Getting way the heck out in Bucyrus, which is a tiny town with even tinier towns around it is a one hour and ten minute commute.

Hillsboro to the south is about the same.

But Circleville, which is not all the way out but still a pretty good distance and 95+% white, virtually 100% Republican, is only 30 minutes.

Circleville might be just as good as Hillsboro – I don’t know. But it’s going to be more expensive. Once you get out to Hillsboro, houses and even big properties cost like, nothing.

Last summer, I went through and showed housing prices too. Most of you who are living in an apartment now in the city could probably afford a down payment on buying a house – and even without a down payment, making payments on buying a house will be cheaper than your apartment rent.

Some of you are already working from home X number of days per week. Also, you’re probably going to lose your job anyway soon.

But there is no reason not to get out of the city. These small towns will be better for your kids.

You can get involved in the local community, through the churches, through the local government, you can get people on your side.

I need to go through and lay this out in an organized way again, which I will do. I think this is enough information that I just dropped right here – every major city has these towns outside it – but I need a definitive big post about my advice for your future in order to avoid forced vaccination and 666 Beast eternal damnation.

Frankly, this is not the best day for me; I’m running late on articles because I had to do something important this morning (my morning in Nigeria – way outside of the 666 system – is earlier than your morning but I still wake up way the heck early).

Anyway, forgive the late reporting today. I did post that Africa thing.

But I’m dialing it in today, because I work every single day, but I am going to write a big thing with maps and examples from different states.

If You’re 14 Years Old…

Last year, the biggest complaint about my “move out of Babylon” instruction was “dude, I’m only 14 years old and my parents won’t do this.” I don’t have a great answer to that, but I’ve got some suggestions.

Trust me: I know well that some 30-40% of the readership is under 18, and I’m not trying to put you all in a spot.

If you’ve got a single mother, then you should realize that regardless of what you wanted, you are officially playing the role of “husband” in her brain, so if you just start talking in an authoritative way, you can get her to do things. That’s a bigger discussion, which we’ve had before in articles that I can’t find now: “How to play the husband to your single mother.” But, it is possible that if you just do your best impression of a strong, authoritative husband, you can get that stupid bitch to follow your instructions. But obviously, she has very serious problems, hence “single mother.”

If your parents are still married, then you can make reasonable suggestions to your father, especially if you’ve finished puberty and your voice sounds like a man’s voice. If it’s doing that pubescent cracking pitched thing, it’s gonna be harder. But you can do a man-to-man with your father, but you shouldn’t ever, ever, ever, ever act like you know more than him. Even when you’re 60 and your father is 80, you should never speak to your father as if you know more than him.

But you can reason with him, from the starting position of: “Dad, I just wanted to get your thoughts on something…” Ask him if he’s ever thought of moving out of the city, and tell him you’ve been hearing that the schools are better in small towns. If you talk about the schools first, you’re making it about “this would be good for me.” That’s a good starting point – as it frames it as asking him for help. You can even say “there are drugs at my school” and so on (it’s not a lie, if you live in a big city, there are drugs).

OR – it might be that your school is closed, and the small town school isn’t closed.

OR – it might be that in the small town, the schools are closed, but it is safer to leave you home alone.

You’re just gonna have to figure out the circumstances.

It’s probable that your (presumably Gen X) father has lived in the city (or immediate suburbs) his whole life and just hasn’t ever even thought about moving out of the city, and doesn’t know that if he adds 30 minutes to his commute, he can get all of these great new features, including cheaper housing, safer schools, etc.

Maybe he’s got the boomer mindset and doesn’t want to admit that he’d like to live in a place that is 95% white. But even those with the boomer mindset are realizing that this black thing is getting out of control. So if you just mention “safety” and then slide in the fact that it’s 95% white, there might be a lightbulb in his brain.

I will just say again: DO NOT act like you’re smarter than him. Under no circumstances do that. Always go to him with “I just wanted to get your opinion on this…”

If You’re Not 14 Years Old…

If you’re a grown adult, think about the problems of someone trying to convince their dad to do this, and think about how much easier it is for you than for a 14 year old.

The other big group in the readership, I know, is millennial losers who are unemployed or under employed – you’re just going to have to figure this out, bro. If you have a car, you can drive to a place outside the city. You can rent places in small towns. They have rentals.

You have seen that MAGA people are being tortured. You’ve seen the black anti-Asian agenda, which is about to become an anti-white agenda. You’ve seen the way the media covered up that famous NFL player mass murdering that white celebrity CHRISTIAN doctor and his family.

This is not going to get better. It is going to get worse and worse and worse. It’s going to get worse quickly.

This summer is probably going to be your last chance to make a move.

Think this through with your brain, pray about it, then think it through with your brain again. You do not want to be in any of the 300 largest cities in America when this thing that is going on reaches the boiling point.

This is Happening…!

Regardless of who you are, what your situation is, you need to get your head around this very important fact: this is happening.

I don’t know how to make this any clearer. It’s happening. Imagine all of the worst things you can imagine, then realize that in the next 2-3 years, it’s going to be much, much worse than that.

We are talking about camps, we’re talking about computer chip implants, we’re talking about Christians being hunted down.

Don’t let these evangelical scum tell you that you don’t have to worry about it because there’s going to be a rapture. There’s not going to be a rapture. The assumption of the boomers is that they should never have to suffer, ever, and that God has made some promise to them that they will not ever have to suffer.

Explain this:

Your entire church is arrested, you’re imprisoned, you’re dragged to the Colosseum, half of your people are crucified and then lit on fire – and then they release the starved lions. All while a crowd of pagans is cheering in the stands, celebrating your suffering.

There is no promise anywhere in the Bible that you will not suffer, and arguably, it’s the reverse.

These boomers saying they will never suffer are blinded by Satan.

They also worship the sickening Christ-killing Jews – what does that tell you about where their brains are? Where their spirits are? Think!

This “rapture” garbage is all on YouTube!

There is more truth in “Rapture” by blondie than there is in those heretical Christian videos about how Jesus is going to suck you up into outer space so you never have to feel any form of discomfort in your entire existence.

And this song is truly horrible.

I don’t even consider myself anti-Blondie, and I might even lean more towards being pro-Blondie, but that is a horrible song.

But it’s not as bad as that heretic garbage, which truly is inspired by Satan.

Just think it through: these people worship the sickening satanic Christ-killing Jews. Like they literally worship them.

How can there be any bit of truth in anything they say? 

They are there to make you think you don’t have to worry about anything.

You shouldn’t worry about anything, but you do need to realize that hell is coming down, and you need to MAKE GOOD DECISIONS.

These blacks are going to be able to come into your home, they’re going to be able to rape and murder your family in front of you, and then leave you tied up and alive, so you can live to feel the suffering. The police will do nothing.