Proud Boys Leader Gavin McInnes is Going to Get RICO’d for Running a Gang

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2018

I have no idea why Gavin McInnes thought it was a good idea, when asked about the “Proud Boys,” to openly say that he “started a gang,” with an initiation process that involved committing acts of violence on the street.

But he did say that. In February of 2017 on Joe Rogan.

In one of the only cases in history I’m aware of Joe Rogan being smarter than another person, Rogan told him that he should probably remove the part about committing acts of violence. Gavin chose not to redact the statement.

So now he is officially on record stating that he is the head of a violent street gang.

And now his “gang” is being charged in New York for committing acts of street violence.

Governor Cuomo is calling in the feds.

And, sure enough, the media is drumming-up the drums for the warpath.

On Tuesday, the New York Times released a hitpiece on him, framing him as an unhinged, violent right-wing madman.

In fact, the NYT is still doing the bit where the “OK” symbol is a white power handsign – showing a group of mostly brown people making it and calling it “the white power hand symbol.”

I didn’t realize they were still doing that.

They brought out the usual suspects to defame the adamantly multiracial and pro-Jewish Proud Boys as racists.

And they say that the Proud Boys were responsible for “confronting” people… who were chasing them down in the street.

They then document the supposed history of violence by these Proud Boys, and their alleged association with “neo-Nazis” and other NPC trigger words.

So – narrative is all set up there.

On Wednesday, the HuffPo released a response to the NYT piece, saying that the NYT did not go nearly far enough and clarifying that McInnes is also a gang leader. They had the sieg heil shot and everything.

This is what they do – pass the ball around like this, drumming up the sound of the drums for the warpath.

This is exactly what they did to Alex Jones. And what they tried to do to this writer before that.

Although Gavin’s situation is a lot more problematic than Alex’s or my own – we are facing civil suits and deplatforming, he is probably going to go to prison for being the leader of a violent street gang.

Huffington Post:

In a wildly tone-deaf profile of Gavin McInnes this week, The New York Times went to great lengths to avoid calling the Proud Boys founder a racist, sexist, fascist gang leader, even though he could be accurately described as all of these things.

As described in the article, published Tuesday, McInnes ― co-founder of Vice and leader of a punch-happy street gang of self-described “Western chauvinists” ― is a “provocateur” worthy of curious contemplation. The former “Brooklyn hipster” recently made national news, after all! The Times’ headline reads: “Proud Boys Founder: How He Went From Brooklyn Hipster to Far-Right Provocateur.”

Right off the bat, the Times has glossed over key facts about McInnes ― he’s an anti-Semite; he disparages women, the LGBTQ community and anyone not white and North American; he started a gang that has made a name for itself by committing acts of violence ― in favor of cute descriptors generally set aside for cosmopolitan chefs and singer-songwriters, like “provocateur” and “hipster.”

Some critics of the Times were hoping the paper had learned its lesson after the backlash to its 2,000-word feature on “the Nazi sympathizer next door.” In that November article, the paper of record allowed a neo-Nazi to deny the Holocaust, demonize Trayvon Martin and “hail victory” after the deadly Unite the Right rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Reader, the Times did not learn its lesson. McInnes’ own words and videos fly in the face of the Times’ glowing feature of him ― he is not the safe-for-work drinking buddy the Times portrays him as. His output, which you’ll see below, includes vile homophobia, sexism, racism, celebrations of violence and even sex acts (with himself) on camera.


Talk about a triggerword barrage.

HuffPo then goes on to present a tweetstorm and list of out of context quotes to support the triggerword barrage.

Nazi Saluter:

Racist, sexist, homophobe:

Recommending violence as a solution to common problems:

NPC “how absolutely dare you sir” outrage over the NYT hitpiece, which HuffPo refers to as a “puff piece”:

They actually skipped the Joe Rogan clip, which is obviously the most damning of all – presumably because HuffPo bloggers are incompetent, low-IQ morons.

But the feds aren’t going to skip that clip.

Rod Rosenstein isn’t going to skip that clip.

Wait and watch this.

They are going to continue on with this media narrative, blowing it up for days and days, creating a solid backdrop of astroturfed unhinged NPC outrage.

Then eventually one of them – probably WaPo – is going to publish “unnamed source” quotes talking about how the FBI and the DOJ are looking into charges for McInnes.

Then, probably right before the primaries, he is going to get hit with RICO.

For those who do not know…


The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.

Presumably, the feds were waiting for something bigger than this NYC scuffle to hit him with RICO.

It was always destined to happen at some point, because of all of these statements he’s made re: violence is good, I am a gang leader, etc.

I’m certain they would have preferred more solid grounds upon which to draw this card, but the time is right for an October surprise, and the FBI being the seditious anti-Trump conspiracy group that it is, they can’t help themselves.

The word has come down. Someone – presumably Rod Rosenstein – ordered the trigger pulled on this, and the media is mobilizing.

I have no idea if the charges will actually stick. It is very obvious in the video who started the fight.

Of course, they have a list of other violent incidents the Proud Boys were involved in to line-up next to one another to bolster the charges – things that they presumably avoided charging people with before as they were privately building this case.

But it ultimately doesn’t matter if Gavin ends up in prison or not.

What matters is that they:

  1. Drop a “surprise” to try and hurt the GOP in the midterms, and
  2. Send a clear message that it is totally illegal for Republicans to defend themselves against violent attacks on the street, under any circumstances


As the long-time reader is aware, I have had my issues with McInnes.

We’ve had back and forth since he showed up on the scene with that Jew Ezra Levant back in 2015. He started it. I just told him: “Look, saying you’re against racism or that you love Jews will not protect you from a Jewish witch hunt, so you might as well just be straight-up with people. You don’t have to be a literal Nazi, but lying won’t save you.”

And he is lying – check it:

He apologized for that drunken rant, but it will always be there as proof that the poor bastard is living a lie to get money and try to keep his wife from leaving him – but like I said: it doesn’t make any difference that he lied.

He didn’t listen just like Jones didn’t listen and now they’re both being crucified by the same Jewish machine of political persecution that I was crucified by.

I take no pleasure in this. Maybe privately, personally, I am chuckling a little bit, but I would never say that publicly.

Even though Gavin never stood with me, and in fact constantly attacked me and got together with Jews and called me a terrorist group after Charlottesville, I am obviously standing with him in this fight.

Whatever you think of the Proud Boys doesn’t matter. This is an attack on speech, and perhaps even more importantly, an attack on the ability of people to appear in public without being physically attacked.

You see, with me and Jones getting shut down, it was about removing the ability to speak freely on the internet. With the attack on Gavin, it is saying that no, you cannot speak freely in public either.

The Charlottesville ambush by the police, and the following legal and criminal attacks, were our version of this, now it is spreading to what amounts to normal Republicans.

That is basically what McInnes is – he’s said some edgy stuff, but he’s been on Fox News and actually isn’t that edgy. He uses shock humor, but his stated positions are the same as any basic Republican – which is why he’s allowed to speak at official Republican events.

Or he was allowed to do that before last weekend. As always, Republicans are now throwing him under the bus – just as he threw me and everyone at Charlottesville under the bus – ensuring that direct violent attacks will move next to the GOP.

And in fact, they already have moved to the GOP.

As we reported earlier today, Republican politicians in Minnesota were also physically attacked over the weekend – in two separate incidents.

It does not take a rocket surgeon to see where this is all leading.

Nor does it take one such credentialed individual to see that the cause of it was a refusal for the right-wing to defend itself.

If Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes had told the truth about Charlottesville, told the truth about the censoring of the Daily Stormer, they would not be in this position.

Trump obviously understands this, which is why he refused to denounce the Stormer Troll Army during the campaign.

And then tried his best to not denounce us after Charlottesville.

The reason he eventually had to denounce us was that the right-wing simply refuses to stand together for anything, and will always attack its own fringes.

The left-wing never does this unless you back them into a corner and demand they do, and then they go on supporting Antifa again the next day.

We absolutely must cut these people off at the pass.

We have to win in the midterms, and we have to get free speech back on the menu.

We need an FCC ruling on the neutrality of speech on the internet.

If the DOJ and FBI get cleaned out, I think we can also get some of these trumped-up charges thrown out. We should certainly be able to get antifa treated like what they are: a domestic terrorist organization.

If we lose in November, we’re going to have some very serious problems.