Roosh Finally Banned from YouTube, Remains Hesitant About DLive

The tech companies are now in the process of tying up loose ends. They’re banning people who either weren’t big enough to ban before, or who were previously too mainstream to ban, attempting to ensure that there is no one left on the internet to promote Donald Trump or to complain about a communist revolution in America.

Roosh Valizadeh, a former pickup artist who is now a devout Christian, doesn’t really fit into either category. He is pretty well known and has been witch-hunted for years.

Anyway, whatever their reason for not banning him before, they’ve banned him now.

Roosh writes on his blog:

On Monday, July 13, YouTube terminated both my main channel and Roosh Hour Clips channel, deleting all my videos even though I did not have any existing community strikes. They also deleted all my personal favorites and playlists.

Since I don’t glorify violence against any group, I presume I was banned for “encouraging hatred” (i.e. speaking the truth) about sodomites who groom children and those who worship in the synagogues of Satan. It seems that my coded means to discuss the current purveyors of evil was not enough to keep my account in good standing, and so I was banned like many other dissidents before me, including Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Owen Benjamin, E. Michael Jones, Rick Wiles (TruNews), Gavin McInnes, Stefan Molyneux, and David Icke.

Last night on DLive I discussed my thoughts about the banning

When I originally joined YouTube, I never had to self-censor myself. I could say whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t promote violence. Once YouTube started partnering with Jewish groups such as the ADL, speech for everyone on the platform was progressively curtailed. Who is to say that won’t happen to another platform that today advertises “free speech”? Chinese-owned DLive seems fine now, but no one can make any guarantees of its future direction. Therefore I will not spend several years building myself up on a site that will arbitrarily cancel me.

From this point on, I intend to take the path of an e-hermit. I will hunker down onto my own domain and forum and host as much content as I can, including videos. There are dozens of cloud providers for video self-hosting instead of the two or three video platforms. Even if I get banned from every cloud provider in existence, I will simply rent dedicated servers from one of hundreds of hosting companies and serve videos that way. It will be significantly harder for them to stop me now.

It’s clear to me that we are only at the beginning of an aggressive censorship campaign. While it proceeds, I will get cozy on my own domains and continue creating content. My audience will get smaller, and my influence will surely shrink, but for those who have ears to hear what I have to say, let them hear.

It’s a sad thing, realizing that you’re losing half or more of your influence all at once due to something you have no control over. It’s a little bit like how I assume it would feel if someone cut one of your hands off. It’s an extreme violation, someone who doesn’t have a right to do it taking a part of who you are.

I’ve maintained an incredibly large audience, given my circumstances, but there was no possibility to expand it as far as I dreamed of expanding it. It’s a hard pill to swallow that I was already approaching numbers when I was banned from everything and my website stolen because I made fun of a fat woman. If I had been allowed to remain online, I believe fully that this would be the biggest alternative media site on the internet, and thus Donald Trump would be in a lot better position than he currently is.

I lost all of my ability to directly influence normies. No normie is going to read this site, given the level of banning it has experienced, which is, ironically, the reason why I made the decision to tone down a lot of the outrageous humor. I’ve already reached all of the thinkers who will respond to that sort of thing, so I believe it is the best course for me to take the tone I’ve been taking this year and reach a separate group of thinkers who don’t respond to the traditional Daily Stormer shock humor model.

No one ever forgets this stuff that we learn here at the Daily Stormer. You can’t. It stays with you forever, and there is no way out of that.

I have a blessing and a curse to be able to see things as they are better than probably anyone on earth. I say that with humility, and just as a matter of fact. It took me a long time to realize how rare this is. It’s something I thank and blame God for, not something I take credit for myself. I’m not really even very smart. I’m not particularly well read. I’m not really good at very many things. I’m a passable writer, but I couldn’t write anything of true beauty. It’s simply that I’ve got some weird thing with my brain that allows me to see things clearly, as they are. (Did you see that thing I wrote yesterday? It was fantastic.) This is an incredibly valuable thing, and I just want that to go out to the maximum number of people possible. The Alt-Right thing ran its course, and now I’m happy to have the journalists and activists who understand truth when they see it come here to get it, and to spread it.

I hope that Roosh is able to find a similar niche, as I’ve found his Christian journey to be very inspiring. He’s not disposable in the way that someone like Stefan Molyneux is. If Molyneux is removed from your life, you don’t miss him. Roosh has become one of only a very small handful of living people, with Sam Hyde, weev, Kantbot, Jesse Lee Peterson and Tucker Carlson who can actually stir me to think about something from a different angle. He’s offering something more than just entertainment or a series of facts.

The DLive Question

Roosh is probably right to be wary of DLive. For those who don’t know, it’s a Chinese game-streaming site, which has been allowing our friends to live-stream radio or video content.

Along with Roosh’s new channel, here are some of the great channels currently available:

As Roosh says, it seems to be fine now. When you’re on it, you get a lot of that old timey feeling of the internet as an open place of free communication. They haven’t banned people for anything other than outrageous things, and all of my friends are there. They also have a system where the political content is not visible by default, so they can effectively run two sites on the same site.

Ethan Ralph: He’s not the talk show host we need. He’s the talk show host we deserve. Speaking of things that deserve things, I’m still waiting for my commission on that t-shirt.

(They did actually ban Alex Jones for talking about the Chinese, which is absolutely hilarious. Alex talks about the Chinese almost as a euphemism for Jews, as a way to keep from getting banned by Jews. Then the Jews banned him anyway, and then his goofy euphemism for Jews got him banned by the people it was insulting.)

The problem is that they are not making any guarantees, and they don’t seem to really have a plan for what they’re doing. When it first came out, I figured it was some kind of Chinese plan to give freedom of speech to American political dissidents. After all, the US spends God only knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars creating Chinese language anti-government propaganda, and the Tor protocol was entirely built in large part to get past Chinese censorship to deliver this material, so it would be fair enough for China to throw up a website to allow Western dissidents who have been silenced by a collusion operation by all major Western technology companies.

It now appears that they’re not doing that and they don’t really seem to know what they’re doing.

From a basic profit standpoint, the best option would be to continue to allow Westerners to use the service for political content. The idea of new alternatives to Twitch and YouTube does not make a lot of sense, and couldn’t really ever be profitable, whereas with the entire right-wing having been banned from literally every website, there is huge amounts of room for profit.

One of the reasons that so-called “alt-tech” has failed so miserably is that the conspiracy to silence political dissidents is total, and the credit card processors and backbone internet services collude with the social media companies. In my situation, which is going to be the situation of anyone who has an even mildly right-wing view in the near future, I am unable to use any form of credit card processor at all, and I was the first person ever (now one of two with 8chan) to get banned from Cloudflare, meaning I have to pay an obscene amount of money for a CDN, simply to keep the site online. China has all of these services. A Chinese company could clean up profiting from this market. It’s a whole lot of money just sitting there, and presumably, China would benefit from Americans like me who think Hong Kong is China’s business and we absolutely do not want a war with China being allowed to speak.

Maybe the Chinese will end up doing this. Maybe DLive will realize that an alternative to Twitch and YouTube that has the same censorship and just doesn’t work as well is a product that no one is asking for, and take a hard stance on free speech.

Until that happens, DLive is an okay place to hang out and chat, but promoting the platform would be silly when you have no idea if the platform will just decide to ban you.

If I was DLive, I would remove the “hate speech” clause they presently have in their terms of service and issue a list of hard and fast rules. That’s all anyone actually wants. People are fine with not screaming the n-word. People will follow the rules closely, if they are given rules.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the rest refuse to give any kinds of rules at all, instead using the “hate speech” clause to mean “things that we don’t like.” No one knows what this means. Stefan Molyneux was more or less a normal Republican pundit, and he got banned for “hate speech,” with both YouTube and Twitter citing something he said about Black Lives Matter. It’s not clear what specifically it was that he said about Black Lives Matter that triggered the bans, but I can tell you this: it was not “I hate niggers because of the color of their skin.”

DLive could say “no racial slurs” along with “no advocation or promotion of violence,” and virtually every single “hater” that has been banned by the rest of the internet would be able to abide by these rules.

The Bitchute Problem

Bitchute is a video-hosting website which has more or less stayed reliably free speech oriented. The site doesn’t work that well, and it doesn’t have live-streaming, and it doesn’t have a payment processor, but it is a site that allows for people to upload videos, and there is a massive database of stuff on there right now which is nowhere else on the internet at all.

The problem there is that they are using Cloudflare. Operating a video-hosting site of that scale without Cloudflare would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. They are also using Rob Monster’s Epik registrar, which kicked 8chan off. There’s zero reason to believe Epik will protect anyone.

It’s Probably Not Happening

It sure would be nice if someone came through with a free speech platform for the right-wing. We are losing so badly, on every single front, that it feels like at some point, some little tiny piece of a win has to come our way.

Of course, the harsh reality is that if Joe Biden wins the election in November, the Democrats are quickly going to push through “hate speech” laws which will allow for those who disagree with the government to be arrested and imprisoned.

It might take a little bit of time to get that law through, or they might just rush all these laws through at once. However, they could just start arresting people even before passing a law, just like the St. Louis self-defense boomers had their guns confiscated even though they’d broken no existing law. We are entering into a post-law society, where the rulers will have absolute power.

In all likelihood, the Daily Stormer, which was the first to be taken out of the game, will be the last man standing. We will be on Tor as long as I’m alive – at least.

You should save the address right now, because after the big Biden crackdown, it will get very difficult to find:


You’re going to access that using the Tor Browser, or by opening a “private window with Tor” tab in Brave Browser.

Why don’t you go ahead and test that out right now.