Russia and Belarus Claim They Foiled ZOG Plot to Assassinate Belarusian President

RT’s caption: ” Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko outside his residence in Minsk carrying what appears to be an assault rifle.” I would definitely say that looks like an assault rifle. But if that building he’s in front of is the presidential palace…

We know this story is a whole lot truer than anything in the Western media.

It would be surprising if ZOG wasn’t trying to assassinate Lukashenko, after their Maidan failed. Grabbing Belarus would significantly weaken Russia’s position.


Several people, including two in Russia, have been arrested for allegedly plotting an armed insurrection against the Belarusian president. He claims that the US may have sanctioned the assassination attempt.

Earlier this week, several Belarusian opposition figures were arrested in their home country and in neighboring Russia. The two nations made it clear that those arrested are all suspected of plotting an armed insurrection against President Alexander Lukashenko, whose long grip on power was challenged last year by mass protests. Members of the alleged conspiracy, who remain free, dismissed the accusations and said they were simply fantasizing about Lukashenko’s downfall.

The existence of an alleged plot to kill Lukashenko, other top Belarusian officials, and even their family members was revealed on Saturday. In Minsk, the national broadcaster ONT ran a story naming suspected conspirators and exposing their plans. The report offered as evidence several clips of what appears to be Zoom meetings between them.

In one, political scientist and commentator Aleksandr Feduta mentions the death of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat as an event that led to a “successful rotation” of national leadership. Sadat was assassinated during a military parade in 1981 by Islamist members of Egyptian armed forces unhappy with his rapprochement with Israel.

In another discussion, lawyer Yury Zenkovich imagined telling somebody: “Let us now finish off Luka, and decide who will rule Belarus later” at the ballot box. In yet another segment, the pair discussed how to ensure the loyalty of officials after a coup by threatening dissenters with prosecution.

Both people were arrested in Moscow this week, the FSB, Russia’s security service, announced on Sunday. The agency said it was tipped off by their counterparts in the Belarussian KGB that Zenkovich and Feduta were going to Moscow to meet people they believed to be “Belarusian generals” ready to turn against Lukashenko.

The plan discussed at the meeting, as described by the FSB, involved killing “almost the entire leadership” of Belarus, a military coup, and a power blackout of the entire country. “It was suggested that the active phase would be launched by some armed groups (‘partisans’), who are currently stationed at ‘secret bases’,” the FSB reported. The action was reportedly scheduled for May 9, when Belarus holds a military parade dedicated to the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Hidden camera footage of what appeared to be the meeting in Moscow was aired by the ONT in its expose. In it, Zenkovich and Feduta detailed their suggestions on how to conduct a successful armed coup. They said Lukashenko needs to be “disposed of” and at least 30 in Minsk – presumably top officials – need to be “interned literally within the first hour.”

Lukashenko himself spoke to the media to explain how his various opponents were plotting against him and his two sons. The group that includes Zenkovich and Feduta was “definitely the work of foreign intelligence,” he claimed, “most likely the CIA or the FBI.”

Most likely one of those two or the third.

We all know the third.

Lukashenko claimed that Zenkovich was an “American agent.” The lawyer has dual US-Belarusian citizenship and has been living in America for well over a decade. The president confirmed that the arrest earlier this week of Grigory Kortusyov, the leader of the opposition political Party BNF, was part of the move against the same alleged conspiracy. Zenkovich was a prominent member of the same party and held elected office on a local council before emigrating to the US.

Russian TV channel Rossiya 1 showed more of the hidden camera footage on Sunday. In it, Feduta suggested that a post-coup Belarus should be governed by a state council consisting of leaders of all registered political parties, while democracy was “grown up” from local self-governance.

He and Zenkovich suggested they should “curate” the likes of the press, the courts, the parliament, the justice and education ministries, the central election commission, and the development of a new constitution. Zenkovich implied a coup could be financially profitable for participants, saying Lukashenko must have a nest egg somewhere that “can be simply taken, quietly, if the occasion arises.”

Yep. All seems legit.

You’re going to see more of this sort of thing.

It’s going to be like this:

Donald Trump – whatever you want to say about that orange individual – threw off the timeline the elite were working on. Hillary Clinton was supposed to invade Syria to fight Russia, then create a second front in the Ukraine, and Donald Trump managed to stonewall these people.

That’s why I always get frustrated when people say “Donald Trump was a conspiracy from the beginning! He was in on it!” I can see how someone would get that cynical, frankly, and what Trump has done since 1/6 has been shameful. HOWEVER – if you go with the theory he was “part of the plan,” it makes the things happening now much harder to understand.

Obviously, they pivoted and dealt with Trump. He didn’t stop the plan. But he did create this timeline issue. So what you’re seeing now is a kind of confused rush to get back on schedule. Coronavirus was clearly a panicked Hail Mary move to get things back on track. All of these virus measures were intended to be brought in through the global warming program, and you’re seeing now that they’re spinning the Virus Regime off into a weather-oriented agenda.

Fauci himself is attending these global warming summits and saying the viruses are caused by global warming and the only way to stop viruses is to change the weather.

The West maintains plausible deniability with operations like the one described above. We have pretty good knowledge of how these things work. However, even if they got caught – at this point, what would that mean?

They can just go on CNN and say “actually, no.”

Who is going to do anything about it? Russia has called out the US on all kinds of stuff, China has – nothing happens.

No one is being held accountable for anything and we don’t even know who is in charge.

So it costs them nothing.