Sad Day in New Zealand as Alien Jew John Key Wins Third Term as Prime Minister

Daily Slave
September 23, 2014

John Key – New Zealand’s Prime Minister is a Jew.

Why the hell is New Zealand re-electing this ridiculous alien Jew John Key as their prime minister?  Is everything OK down there in New Zealand?  Do you realize that an alien parasite Jew has been in charge of your country for years now?

I hope the New Zealand people come to their senses and deport this Jew usurper.

To make matters worse, his mother is said to have been a victim of the Jewish Holocaust hoax.  This has given the Jewish press yet another opportunity to remind the world that 6 trillion Jews were somehow gassed and turned into soap by evil Germans.

Needless to say, the Jews are very happy with Key’s re-election.


John Key, the son of a Jewish refugee from Europe, won his third term as New Zealand prime minister.

Key, whose mother Ruth Lazar escaped Europe on the eve of the Holocaust, returned to office with an emphatic victory on Saturday, enabling him to form a government without relying on coalition partners.

His National Party is projected to win 61 seats in the 121-member parliament, crushing the opposition Labor Party in large part thanks to its strong handling of the economy.

“I believe the Jewish community will be pleased with the result of yesterday’s election,” said Alison Dyson, president of the Jewish Federation of New Zealand. “The election centered mainly around economic policy and John Key’s roots would not have been a major factor in the vote amongst Jews or others.”

This comes not long after the joyous announcement by the Jews that White New Zealanders will soon be a minority in their own country.