South Korea Says US Should Relax, Stop Provoking North Korea and China

The headline is “Donald Trump failed,” but there is something much more interesting here.


South Korean President Moon Jae-in criticized former President Trump’s attempts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, telling the New York Times he “beat around the bush” with North Korea and “failed to pull it through.”

Why it matters: Moon, now in his final year in office, called denuclearization a “matter of survival” for South Korea and urged President Biden to resume negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after a standstill of nearly two years.

What they’re saying: “I hope that Biden will go down as a historic president that has achieved substantive and irreversible progress for the complete denuclearization and peace settlement on the Korean Peninsula,” Moon told the Times.

“He beat around the bush and failed to pull it through,” he said of Trump. “The most important starting point for both governments is to have the will for dialogue and to sit down face to face at an early date.”

Moon also called on the U.S. to cooperate with China on North Korea and other issues, warning that if “tensions between the United States and China intensify, North Korea can take advantage of it and capitalize on it.”

Context: Talks between the U.S. and North Korea and unprecedented engagement between Trump and Kim quickly soured after the two countries couldn’t reach a substantive agreement on denuclearization and drawing down sanctions.

The reason the Trump talks failed was very simple: it was John Bolton. Bolton went in there and started making all of these insane murder threats, and the talks collapsed.

Why Trump hired Bolton to do this, I have no idea. Kim Jong-un was more than ready to sign something reasonable, and they would have had to have given Trump a Nobel Peace Prize, and he would have at least had one accomplishment under his belt when he was run out of office.

But the more interesting issue here is that South Korea is telling the United States to chill out and stop attempting to escalate with China, because if North Korea wants to they can obliterate Seoul with conventional weapons that they already have aimed at them. All Kim has to do is push a button.

Of course, then the US military would bomb the North into oblivion, but it wouldn’t do much to fix the millions of dead in Seoul. Furthermore, destroying South Korea would create a massive global economic problem.

More likely than actually pushing the button, however, Kim can use the leverage he has in his ability to completely obliterate Seoul for other purposes. And given the threats coming from the United States, it isn’t really unreasonable for him to do so.

The interesting thing is: American allies are increasingly getting nervous, seeing the US as a mad dog. The reasonable tone of both China and Russia no doubt makes a lot of these people wish they were on the other side of this conflict.

Obviously, South Korea and Japan would have preferred not to be dominated by China, but they now see that actually, Chinese domination would not be a huge deal, and would definitely be better than being obliterated.

A man who was once the greatest journalist of the era once wrote:

Being friends with the US is like being friends with a methhead insurance fraud expert who is stockpiling small arms, raising pit bulls in his garage and building bombs in his basement, while ranting about “shadow people” every time he opens his mouth.

However: both these countries are massively occupied by the US military – to the tune of tens of thousands of troops – and therefore cannot make any of their own policy decisions. Special forces assassins can show up in the bedrooms of any single political leader in any of the United States’ allied countries, and hold guns to their children’s heads and inform them that they would do well to walk back whatever statement they made the day before.

The ZOG entity is basically doing Negan-style foreign policy at this point, keeping its allies in fear of questioning it.

How long will that work? How long will all of these US allies tolerate being held prisoner by the US military?

None of America’s allies in Asia actually want this World War the Biden Administration is pushing for. Probably, most of the allies in Europe aren’t that hyped on it either. The only allies that really are hyped are the Islamic terror states. Maybe Angela Merkel and Emanuel Macron are really stoked, but I doubt their populations are.