Texas Schools Will Teach Third Graders “How to Make Anal More Enjoyable” Despite Parents’ Outrage

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019

How long until this is a teacher?

How long until this is a classroom?

Apparently not that long.

Life Site:

Despite heavy turnout from parents opposed to the plan, the Austin Independent School District voted Tuesday to approve a sex education curriculum that calls for teaching children as early as third grade how to engage in sodomy and put on condoms, that gender is “non-binary,” and more.

As detailed by Texas Values, the curriculum discourages gender-specific language like “mother” and “father” because it “can limit [children’s] understanding of gender into binaries,” encourages children to attend LGBT “pride” rallies and explore other ways to become LGBT “allies,” and proposes various role-play scenarios for children to act out in class, including lesbians deciding when to engage in oral sex and how to handle the aftermath of a drunken sexual encounter.

It’s just role-playing, you bigots!

It’s just a game! They’re not really doing it! They’re just acting it out!

The material also contains detailed instructions on how to put on condoms, and even advice on how to lower the chance of pain and make anal more enjoyable” without fear of “health issues.”

Todd Starnes and Church Militant report that more than a hundred members of the community descended on the school board meeting Monday evening to express concern.

How to energetically shove stuff into their anuses in a safer and more enjoyable way is the kind of thing that kids must be learning at school, because if not there, then where?

If schools don’t teach them about glitter holes, then it may not even occur to these kids that feces aren’t the only vehicles that can park in their back alleys.

Talking about cars parking in back alleys may sound silly in this context, but this is how we’ll teach 8-year-old kids about the wonderful world of hemorrhoids and AIDS. It must be a playful thing, full of role-playing and acting.

We must encourage children to think of themselves as anal actors playing anal characters in a big anal play.

“Who gave you the right, Austin ISD?” asked the father of a fifth-grade student. “You have overstepped.” Another parent called the curriculum an “attack on Christianity and family and on parental rights.” Concerned citizens read specific details from the curriculum, with resident Gary Moore calling the sexual role-play activities a “dream scenario for pedophiles.”

Critics were met with opposition by pro-LGBT protesters, some of whom attempted to use loudspeakers and instruments to drown them out. The school board itself largely dismissed community objections, signaling their position in advance with rainbow flags on their desks.

Texas is part of the Rainbow Queerdom now.

The Gender Unicorn has claimed new territory.

It’s only a matter of time before anal “sex” practice hours are added to the curriculum right next to physical education.

Schools are not safe.

If parents don’t protect their kids, no one will.