The UK is Now San Angeles

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

The UK has now become some kind of combination of Airstrip One and San Angeles (the city from the movie Demolition Man) with how they control speech.

With Count Dankula having been found guilty of “Grossly Offensive Speech,” the precedent has been set to charge and convict anyone who says something that someone does not agree with. This includes a teenage girl reposting rap lyrics containing the word nigger (or some variation of it).

On an unrelated note, Demolition Man was a great movie. It also came from a time when you could make the hero a masculine White man and the bad guy a crazy nog.

The first thing the nog does in the future is try to get guns to shoot up the city.

That also looks like the modern UK police force when they need to deal with vibrancy. Demolition Man was right with their predictions of the future.