There’s Something Happening Here, But You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You, Mr. Jones?

People keep talking about how the government might pass laws removing the First Amendment – but there isn’t any need to do that.

We are already a nation totally devoid of freedom of speech. America has less freedom of speech than any country in history, it’s just that they play these weird legalistic games with it.

Right now:

  • The government has worked with tech companies, through deregulation, tax incentives and infrastructure projects, to build the internet.
  • The government has claimed that tech monopolies are legal, even if they are unregulated.
  • While unregulated, these companies maintain special legal protections (basically reverse deregulation).
  • The government has done nothing to prevent tech companies from systematically working together through totally public international conspiracies to silence the ability of individuals to speak publicly.
  • The government fires people for political speech.
  • The government allows private companies, including companies that it contracts with, to fire people for political speech.
  • Communications platforms that are used primarily for personal communications, rather than publishing, are being shut down, and the government refuses to do anything about it.
  • All of the speech that is being silenced is in opposition to policies enforced by the government.
  • You are banned from gathering publicly, by the government.

You only have to take a single step back from all of the bullshit about “private companies” to see that this is an organized state policy to silence speech that the government disagrees with.

This is the Third Amendment:

Do you read that to mean “the government can fund and arm a private army and they’re allowed to quarter in your house as long as the government doesn’t order them to quarter in your house”?

Unless that is your reading of the Third Amendment, then the government is currently violating the First Amendment.

You have a right to free speech. A conspiracy of companies colluding to take away that right is not “private companies making private decisions,” it is a conspiracy to violate your rights. These people doing the censorship will say openly that their goal is to stop people from speaking.

I made the analogy four years ago, and I will make it again.

Imagine that:

  1. Every grocery store refuses you entry because of your politics.
  2. Every restaurant refuses you entry because of your politics.
  3. The government bans you from hunting in public parks.
  4. You are told by the government and the media that you are not being denied a right to eat, because you can still grow your own food.
  5. No one will sell you farmland, because of your politics.

All of that, according to our government, is legal and could happen now. All over the world, grocery stores and restaurants are already installing these facial recognition pads with the automatic thermometers.

It’s called a “temperature sensing kiosk” or a “temperature screening unit.”

Very quickly – within the next five years – these machines will be using the face-scanning technology to check your identity in a database (which I’m sure will be privately owned, probably as a partnership between Facebook, Google and some third company).

Of course, by that time, you will be ordering your groceries by drone, and of course you will have to link those services to your bank account.

They will be able to deny you food.

Right now, if you somehow get around the censorship system, like Alex Jones has, the government judges will allow deranged people, public figures and political activists, ostensibly suffering from emotional trauma, to sue you for saying they’re lying.

Austin American Statesman:

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday rejected, without comment, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ attempt to toss out four defamation lawsuits by parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

The parents sued in Travis County, where Jones and his InfoWars website are based, arguing that they were defamed and suffered emotional distress after InfoWars broadcasts disputed the authenticity of the school shooting and the news coverage that followed.

Twenty young students and six adults were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn.

Friday’s action by the Supreme Court upheld rulings by two lower courts that had allowed the lawsuits to continue.

The state’s highest civil court also gave the green light to another defamation lawsuit against InfoWars and reporter Kit Daniels by a man mistakenly identified as a suspect in the 2018 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla.

The photo of Marcel Fontaine, who was not the shooter, remained on the InfoWars website for 13 hours, and no correction was issued at the time explaining the mistaken identification, court records show.

In briefs to the Supreme Court, lawyers for Jones argued that the InfoWars host was engaging in protected speech because he was addressing matters of public concern.

“The pursuit of so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ concerning controversial government activities has been a part and parcel of American political discourse since our Founding, and it is protected by the First Amendment,” they told the court in a brief for the Pozner and De La Rosa case.

This is an extreme case, but the precedent wouldn’t be considered in future cases that cite this case.

Based on this, the Anti-Defamation League could sue you for saying there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Chuck Schumer could sue you for saying the police opened the doors to the Capitol to peaceful protesters.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci can sue you for saying the vaccine is unsafe.

Mark Zuckerberg can sue you for claiming he’s involved in a conspiracy to silence speech.

Basically, anyone you talk about can sue you for any reason, if Alex Jones loses this case.

He probably will lose it. If he doesn’t lose it, he’s going to be bankrupt by the time it’s over.

There is a term for this: “lawfare.”

It doesn’t matter if Jones wins or loses, because the infrastructure he uses is going to be pulled before the case is over. Alex talks constantly about the Chinese, so they won’t help him. He was banned off of DLive during the wild west days of DLive for talking about a Chinese conspiracy. (The Chinese government can now also sue him for claiming they run Hollywood and the US government.)

Mr. Jones doesn’t understand what is happening here. He’s completely doomed, and should have already fled the country as soon as this lawsuit was announced. He won a divorce suit by his wife, and that is quite a thing to do, but this is a horse of a different color.

This Sandy Hook thing is being used like the Weinstein case was used: immediately after the court ruled that a jury (which was shown pictures of Harvey Weinstein naked) convicted him of rape based on nothing but the outrageous claims of a woman who admitted to being his girlfriend, prosecutors started bringing all of these “believe women” rape cases to court.

It’s happening every day now that men are being arrested and prosecuted for rapes that there is no evidence for based exclusively on the statements of a woman. (Hilariously, after neo-Nazis claimed this would only ever happen to Jews, it happened to a member of their own group – a woman had tried to bring the case years before, but after Weinstein, it went through – because it is all new rules now.)

This “defamation” poppycock is yet another tool in their bottomless box of tricks. They are also working on “harassment” claptrap. And so on.

It doesn’t really matter, because again, this internet thing is barely holding together, and this current push is going to take almost everything offline. But of course, there are all these other things they can do if anyone figures something out.

The point is: you either have freedom or you do not. We do not have freedom. What we have are lives that are completely controlled, from start to finish, by a system. The worst part is that the system hates us, and actually wants us all dead.

People need to stop claiming that America is a free country. It is the opposite of a free country. It is the single most brutally oppressive country that has ever existed in all of human history. The only things that it can even be compared to are countries that are effectively run by the same people: Canada, Britain, Australia and occupied Germany.

Many people remain in denial about the fact we are living in a police state, where political dissent is de facto criminalized. People need to stop going into this abstract gibberish about custody rights or civil rights, and just understand that if the government doesn’t protect your rights, it is not serving its purpose.

And you people need to understand: without the First Amendment, the Second Amendment has literally no value whatsoever.

We are either going to fight, or we are going to be exterminated.

Those are the choices.