“This Country is for White People Only” – New Zealand Rando Smote

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018

This is literally just a random old working class woman smoking a cigarette on a bench that has triggered an entire news cycle in New Zealand and Australia, and is being picked up by the international media.

There is literally nowhere for white people to hide.

And to be fair, the woman probably just suspected that these Filipinos were there to fake-bomb local politicians in the name of Donald Trump.

ABC News:

A New Zealand family on holiday in Wellington was left disgusted after falling victim to a racist tirade at an inner-city store.

Krizia Egipto, 18, and her family, who are originally from the Philippines, flew to the capital city from their home in Invercargill last week and had their impression of a “beautiful place” ruined when they were belittled by a customer at a convenience store, the New Zealand Herald reports.

In a Facebook post, Ms Egipto wrote that as the family were buying coffee and Lotto tickets, a woman approached them and said they “weren’t welcome here”.

“While we were heading out of the shop this lady was giving us a look, a bad look, so I was just looking at her as well. But suddenly while we were just about to go out of the shop she said something to us,” Ms Egipto said.

“The lady said, ‘Don’t come back here any more. You’re not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only.’”

Ms Egipto then began to video the woman, and question her as to why she felt they weren’t welcome.

The footage shows the woman saying, “It’s simple, no big deal. Go home. You have a country.

“You’re displacing white people, like that man on the street,” she said.

Ms Egipto can be heard trying to explain that the family have visas and the legal right to be in New Zealand.

Speaking with the Herald, Ms Egipto said she had never experienced this level of racism before.

Yeah, I mean, that’s a pretty good argument.

If New Zealand has native people living on the street and immigrants coming in living in houses, that is certainly an uncomfortable situation.

Right now, the official Jewish media narrative is that it is “morally bankrupt” to be able to feel empathy for white people. But I’m not really sure how long they’re going to be able to hold that line, in light of all that’s happening.