Tiana Strumpet Now Doing Retarded Attacks on Paul Watson Because He Supports Free Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2019

Our juicy little strumpet Tiana Lowe, an anti-free speech activist trained by the National Review, is now attacking Paul Joseph Watson, who was recently banned from Facebook (and is soon to be banned from Twitter and YouTube) because he supports free speech.

She commented on and then retweeted the following – which I have screenshotted (and archived) because someone is going to figure out what happened here and delete it.

I assume most of our readers already get the thing, but “The Spectator” and “Spectator USA” are two separate publications.

So these anti-First Amendment people are actual retards, who perhaps don’t care about free speech because they can’t read.

Tiana’s response is even stupider than the initial post, somehow. She is apparently suggesting that in order to support free speech, you cannot criticize the speech of anyone else. That is just… I don’t even know what to say about that.

But the bigger point here is that she has gone from giving abstract ideological reasons for opposing free speech to actively attacking free speech activists, and feebly attempting to mock them for supporting free speech.

This is obviously part of a National Review/Washington Examiner/Neocon/Jew attempt to astroturf anti-First Amendment sentiment among self-identifying conservatives. If you wonder why she matters, and why I keep writing so many articles about her – she doesn’t matter, and the reason I keep writing articles about her is that she is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate that there is a conspiracy by the conservative establishment to support tech companies abolishing free speech.

And that does matter.

I also want to correct my statement that Paul Watson never spoke out in support of me when I was banned. I already updated the article where I said that, but I want to say it again.

He did post one tweet.

Obviously, what they did to the Daily Stormer should have been the point at which everyone went completely up in arms against them and fought back. But that didn’t happen. He just gave one tweet, while the story was on CNN nonstop.

Tucker Carlson understood what it meant and did three different segments defending me.

But yes, Paul Watson did give a tweet.

The tweet is actually shitty as well, because talking about the “slippery slope” and how I’m “vile” implies that it would be okay if they just only censored me and then stopped. But that isn’t okay. No censorship of political speech is ever okay, in any context, no matter what. I 100% support the right of Paul “Joseph” Watson to say whatever the hell he wants to say. I support the right of all communists and whoever else to say whatever they want to say.

No one should ever be censored. Speech isn’t violence. Nothing bad comes from open, free speech. You would only ever regulate speech if you were trying to do something bad. There is no other reason you would ever do it. Speech prevents violence and open discussion and debate leads to a healthy society.

Silencing speech inevitably leads to violence, both by and against those doing the silencing.