Tommy Robinson Officially Banned From Absolutely Everything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2019

Anti-Islamic rape-gang activist Tommy Robinson is the latest person to suffer a permanent ban from every single platform in an organized fashion.

He was banned from Twitter a while back, and on Tuesday he was banned from Facebook and Instagram. The censorship posse is now demanding that he be banned from YouTube, which is the singular platform he remains on. That ban is expected to come down anytime.

In fact, his YouTube channel seems to be the official trigger of the ban, as he made a documentary called “Panodrama” about the BBC being fake news.

Robinson was thrown in prison for protesting an Islamic rape gang, and was released after the people rioted. The Jewnited Kikedom government certainly didn’t want that to happen again, so they are clamping down on his ability to speak to the people.

When you are removed from every single social media platform, you are effectively totally blocked from being able to speak to people. I obviously knew that they were going to ban me from social media going way back, and I was in fact the first person banned from most of these platforms, so I ensured that my website was my main place of activity. Then they just stole my domain. So there is no way out of this.

As we said from the beginning, there is no stopping the censorship train. All of these people should have rallied around me when I was banned. I told them all “they’re coming for you next,” but no one wanted to defend the rights of a “neo-Nazi white supremacist.”

Here is the order of the bans so far:

  • Andrew Anglin
  • MILO
  • The rest of the racialist right
  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
  • Gavin McInnes
  • The black leader of the Proud Boys
  • People who believe the earth is flat
  • People who are against vaccines
  • Tommy Robinson

So, what comes next?

You’re literally not allowed to be a normie Republican or a normie anti-Islam activist. You’re not allowed to believe in conspiracies. The next thing you’re not allowed to do will presumably be being against abortion. Then they will just ban all forms of Christianity, outright.

Before they do that, however, they are going to round up the rest of the Trump supporters.

They already banned the Zionist Jew Trump supporter Jacob Wohl, because he asked for research on the SPLC or Right Wing Watch.

Jacob Wohl was an openly evil Jew attempting to undermine the Trump administration and force a Jew agenda.

But you’re not allowed to support Trump under any circumstance, no matter what. And they are clearing out everyone who does.

They are going to ensure that there is no one supporting Trump on social media before the election cycle starts, then they are going to use that control to ensure that a Democrat gets elected, then they are going to make these forms of speech illegal and just round people up for saying anything that goes against the Jewish program.

The number one threat to the Jews is speech. Period. It is not the Second Amendment. It is the First.

And their focus is simply silencing anyone who disagrees with any aspect of their globalist agenda.