Traitor Female New Zealand PM Dons Hijab, Hates White People

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

Imagine someone shooting up a Mexican taco shack and seeing Trump come out the next day wearing a sombrero.


In other words, solidarity and sympathy aren’t the emotions at work here. No, this bitch legit wants to convert to Islam. And no, not actual Islam. She only wants the aggressive anti-Whiteness and vogue colorful ethnic element that all SWPLs who hate their own race and their own culture see in Islam.

In that sense, she’s no different from the grody, frumpy, dread-lock sporting tatted-up upper-middle class white whores you find when traveling through SEA.

They like sampling the ethnic garb, the ethnic food, the ethnic “spirituality” of the places they visit because they think it makes them better, and more interesting people.

This bitch is doing the same thing here. All that’s missing is an Instagram filter and an elephant-themed tattoo.

Also, there’s something wrong with her face. It’s disproportionate and looks like a Reptilian spliced together parts of several people’s stolen faces together that don’t quite match.

It could just be me, but I also see an unfortunate resemblance to Ellen Page.

They both hate White people to an unnatural degree, which I don’t think is a coincidence.

We need a better caricature to work with though.

Women though.

When will we disabuse ourselves of the notion that they should be allowed to rule over us?

What will it take?

How many times must they go out of their way to demonstrate their disloyalty and hatred for the men who gave them their freedom in the first place before the enabling betas who lurk among us listen?

They are a blight and an embarrassment to our nations. 

May Allah curse these hags and condemn them to an eternity of stonings in Hell.