Trump Tweeting About Tech Censorship, Retweets Paul Watson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2019


PJW actually did tweet in support of me.

I didn’t ever see that.

But the point still stands, whether he made no tweets or a single mention: me being literally banned from the entire internet should have been recognized for what it was: a crucial point in history, a foreshadowing of what we are seeing now. Watson in this tweet even says “slippery slope.” But none of them wanted to make a deal of it. Because of the Jew thing.

Though I don’t see why the Jews are such a big deal to these people, since there is no evidence they have any power.

Original article follows.

Donald Trump is whining about censorship again.

Funny he called Paul Joseph Watson “Paul Watson.”

Watson is such a faggot for using his middle name like that. Who does that? It’s almost gayer than the cocks he sucks.

I can’t stand this faggot. When I was banned from everything, he refused to tweet in support of me. Or even mention me, ever. In fact, almost all of these people who claim to support free speech refused to support me. I told them all “you dumb motherfuckers have to know that you’re next.” If they had drawn a line at me getting kicked off the entire internet – ostensibly for a fat joke – we wouldn’t be in this situation now of just everyone getting banned from everything.

The only people who supported me (who are outside of our immediate thing) were:

  1. Tucker Carlson
  2. Sargon of Akkad
  3. Tim Pool

Trump also retweeted Watson and Lauren Southern, who are the only two people I know of who have been banned from Facebook and not Twitter (typically, Twitter is much more aggressive than Facebook).

Here are the tweets he retweeted:

Trump brought up the issue again on Saturday.

I seriously doubt anything is going to happen.

If he tweeted about something and then something was actually done about it, that would be a first.

He is not so much a doer as he is a tweeter.

And the most fucked up part is that the only reason we are all getting banned is because of him. Basically, the media credited us with winning Trump the 2016 election. That is why they cracked down. It was the first time they realized the ability of independent voices to affect national politics.

They also created the entire “rising Alt-Right threat” phenomenon. Basically, Hillary and the media planned to use it as a way to attack Trump during the election. Then the media decided to make Richard Spencer this evil villain figure after the election as a way to attack Trump. They eventually realized they were just promoting us, and just started shutting everything down because too many goyim were knowing.

But if Trump had not run for president, we would still just be a steadily growing internet subculture, ignored by the media instead of censored.

So he has a responsibility here more than anywhere else. We sacrificed our internet freedom to support him. And many people sacrificed their physical freedom to support him and are now in jail.

And all he’s done is tweet.

The only upshot of him tweeting about this is that it makes it difficult for the cuckservative movement and their spokesthots to try to astroturf conservative support for destroying free speech in America.

They are going to try their best, but their best really isn’t very good at all, and “here’s why you should support yourself being censored: values and principles” is a very hard sell.

Because it isn’t just e-celebs being censored. They are just censoring everyone now. They have a plan to censor 100 million people.