Turkey: Pop Star Sentenced to 10 Months in Jail For Singing About Sultan Erdogan

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2018

One does not simply sing about the sultan.

Jews criticize Trump for criticizing the media for criticizing his policy to prevent Moslems from coming to America – meanwhile, Moslems lock up media figures for merely speaking ill of their president.

Really gets your noggin joggin’, doesn’t it?


A Turkish singer will spend ten months in prison after being convicted this week of the crime of “insulting the president.” Zuhal Olcay stood accused of changing the lyrics to one of her hits songs during a concert to condemn President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies.

Wow, this bitch should have been locked up for “aggravated assault” on my sense of hearing.

Olcay, also known throughout the country as an actress, admitted to the court that she had inserted Erdogan’s name into the song “Boş Vermişim Dünyayı” (“I Let Go of the World”), but denied that she intended to insult him, according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. The newspaper notes that a video surfaced of Olcay performing live and adding to the song, “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it’s all empty, it’s all a lie, life will end one day and you’ll say ‘I had a dream.’”

Prosecutors also claimed that Olcay made an “insulting hand gesture” while singing about Erdogan, though Hurriyet does not specify what the gesture was or whether it was related to the song at all.

Turkish courts convicted Olcay on Thursday as per Turkish Penal Code Article 299, which reads:

(1) Anyone who insults the President of the Republic shall be imprisoned for a term of from one to four years.
(2) (Amended by Law 5377 dated 29 June 2005/Article 35) Where the offence is committed in public, the sentence shall be increased by one sixth.
(3) Initiation of a prosecution for this offence shall be subject to authorization by the Minister of Justice.

So criticizing the president in a private setting (like your own home) can net you 4 years in prison.

This is nuts.

In a few years, he’ll probably start cutting out the tongues of his critics.

These Moslem countries are basically operating like primitive tribes where the leader is an untouchable figure. They work this way because it’s in the nature of these people. If the leader shows weakness, they just start chimping out, burning everything until a new, more ruthless man is in power.

This is one of the reasons why having a significant Moslem population in a Western country is a recipe for disaster. The very fact that we allow criticism of our leaders fills them with contempt, and a desire to overthrow our weak government.