Twitter Blocks All Links to Alternative Video Platform BitChute

You can go ahead and make your own YouTube, but don’t expect to share your own YouTube links on Twitter. You have to also make your own Twitter.


Video hosting service BitChute has accused Twitter of censoring tweets including links to their platform, and numerous users have experienced the apparent ban, though the social media app has yet to officially respond.

“It appears as if Twitter has started blocking all tweets that contain Bitchute videos,” BitChute’s account tweeted on Friday morning. They encouraged users to share their own examples of censorship too.

Numerous users then posted screenshots of them trying to post links to videos on the website, only to be blocked by Twitter and told the material they were about to post was “potentially harmful.”

When you try and post a link to BitChute, Twitter will preview the tweet to the user, and send two messages. One in red says, “something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.”

This message is essentially useless because the “potentially harmful” statement will pop up when the user tries to hit “tweet.”

The Twitter and Twitter Support pages have not officially responded to the seeming censorship, and BitChute has said they received no warning about the content blockage.

The ban appears to go beyond posting new content too. If a user tries to follow an old link to a BitChute video through Twitter, they are brought to a warning page that tells users the link “may be unsafe.” The various reasons it could be “unsafe” include “spammy links that mislead people or disrupt the experience” or even “violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm.”

A user needs to “ignore this warning and continue” in order to make it to the BitChute link originally requested.

Since launching in 2017, BitChute has been accused by liberal activists and mainstream media outlets of being a conspiracy theorist-driven and right-wing hosting site. The platform has found success through giving creators far more freedom than other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, which have become more aggressive in their moderation and banning of content. Many content creators who have found themselves banned or demonetized on sites like YouTube have found their way over to BitChute.

BitChute was banned by PayPal along with right-wing figures like Alex Jones in 2018. The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused them of hosting “hate-fueled material.”

This is a categorical ban of an entire platform because it features content that Twitter doesn’t like.

As far as we’re aware, the Daily Stormer was the first website to get a hard link ban, preventing links to the site from being shared on social media. We can expect that to continue to intensify in the lead up to the election.

After the election, if Joe Biden wins, they’re just going to pass sweeping “hate speech” laws to make any disagreement illegal, and all of these platforms will just be shutdown outright.

If Donald Trump wins, surely he’s going to have to do something about this. Because it is just out of control. Twitter and Facebook are no longer “platforms,” they are simply places for leftists to spread their propaganda.