UK: Industry Chief Claims That Horse Racing is Too White, Needs More Colored Folk

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2018

The well-fed gentleman pictured above, Nick Rust, has been the Chief Executive of the British Horseracing Authority since 2015.

Though Nick likes his job and is well paid for it, something gnaws at the core of his soul: almost everyone working within the horse racing industry is white.

Yep, in the current year, white people from a white country still exemplify a white sport. It’s perverse, unnatural and, most of all, anti-Semitic.

Where are the Moslem jockeys? The Congoid horse groomers?

Have the British public even heard of Cheddar Man?

Fortunately, after suffering from a traumatic nightmare that showed a future in which white children still existed, Nick found his courage and started speaking out against the excessive whiteness eating away at the heart of the industry.


Horse racing in Britain needs to become more “diverse” the sport was told at an industry awards night at which 90 per cent of nominees were white.

Speaking at the Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards in London on Monday, British Horseracing Authority (BHA) chief Nick Rust said the sport needs to question whether it has a problem with “unconscious bias”.

The betting industry bigwig slammed figures which showed that nine in 10 of the 265 nominations received for the awards, which mark the contributions of around 6,000 people who work in Britain’s horse racing and breeding industries, were from a white British or Irish background.

“We need to look at what lies behind this and ensure far better representation across the various minority groups in future years,” the Racing Post reported Rust as saying.

The fact that the United Kingdom as a whole was reported to be 87.17 per cent white in the last national census in 2011 does not appear to have been considered as a reasonable explanation.

Rust boasted to guests about the recently formed “diversity in racing steering group”, and went on to assert that the sport must work to challenge “whether there exists a conscious or unconscious bias within our industry when it comes to issues such as gender, race or disability.”

“More Nigerians, pronto. And for God’s sake, someone paint that white horse brown” – Nick Rust, 2018.

Whew. Do we have any of those “Goy of the Month” medals left? Because this chap deserves three.

I need to make an obvious point here: in the West, a lot of gentiles are selected for high-ranking jobs based on their commitment to the Jewish plan for white genocide (though, of course, their superiors won’t phrase it like that) rather than their long-term benefit to the industry in which they operate.

Heck, it’s not even possible to benefit an industry if you’re flooding it with Third Worlders, and everyone knows it.

Everyone and everything.

You could ask a grapefruit “would adding more hajis and niggers to horse racing destroy the industry?” and, for a brief moment, that grapefruit would come alive and nod in agreement.

The public know it, citrus fruits know it, and you’d better believe that Mr. Rust knows it too.

He just doesn’t care, because – like so many other ambitious white men who were raised in a kiked society that emphasizes the individual over the collective – he values money and job security more than the well-being of his own people.

It’s a sad and unprecedented state of affairs.