UK: Pregnant Women Smoking and Drinking in Secret to Avoid “Moral Judgment,” Says Study

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Researchers at the University of Cardiff did a study involving 10 pregnant women from low-income areas. Five of those have smoked during pregnancy. But there’s a twist: apparently, the smoking pregnant women are the victims and we should stop stigmatizing them.

Daily Mail:

Pregnant women are smoking and drinking in private because they are ‘irritated’ by people’s reactions to the habits which are known to harm unborn babies.

Judgement from midwives has led women to feel ‘alienated’ and have ‘awkward’ relationships, research has found.

Victim-blaming needs to end, researchers claimed, and a stigma is more often based on moral judgement of the mother, instead of the level of risk to an unborn child. 

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is known to raise the risk of miscarriage or premature birth and can lead to disability in children. 

There is growing pressure on the Government to take action, as latest figures show 10.5 per cent of English women are known to be smokers when they give birth.

Interventions to reduce smoking often rely on midwives identifying women who have the habit.

But women are often reluctant to disclose their habits because they are afraid of moral judgement, the research found.

I think some of them (midwives) can be a bit bossy can’t they? Don’t do this, don’t do that. Oh please, just shush,’ one participant said.

Yes, of course they’ll be bossy. They’re trying to teach these sluts how to not ruin their offspring before they’re even born.

It’s too much to ask these whores to lay off of their destructive vices at last until their child is born. They’re worse than trash.

Some women said they were also judged negatively by their partners who did not smoke, finding comments ‘upsetting and annoying’.

One participant said: ‘He was like: “You do know that’s my child in there!” and I went: “It’s my body, so it’s just tough.’

Thing is… its’ not really their body. Women’s bodies are our property. They’re the mobility accessory for wombs, which are key for our people’s survival.

Do you see what happens when you leave something as valuable and critical for our survival as wombs in the hands of these incompetent pieces of shit?

They’ll ruin society with a smug smile on their faces while chanting the “my body, my choice” mantra to themselves.

A participant said: ‘I just don’t think it looks good when you’ve got bump on show walking around with a fag in your hand. If you want to do it in your house, that’s fine.

‘When I was pregnant with [youngest daughter] and [eldest daughter] I did smoke with them but it was in my own house, I never walked around out and about with one, it’s not the best look.’

This story is a great example of what women really care about. They’re not really concerned about the deed itself, they’re concerned about the moral judgment surrounding it, which is why you can get women to do the most insane depraved shit you can think of as long as they feel the secret is safe with you.

Back then women used to be able to better hide their indiscretions but we’re now living in the age of the ever-capturing smartphone camera and the Internet, and it’s been revealed that women are absolute trash.

The fact that you can be informed about how trash women are through the Internet is increasingly being fought against by the Jewish social engineering aimed at normalizing degeneracy and all kinds of perversions.

It’s not really surprising. They can’t remove cameras from phones or undo the Internet now, their only viable move is going for a “yeah, women are degenerates, but did you know degeneracy is actually beautiful and noble?”

…which brings us to the researchers’ conclusion.

Researchers came to the conclusion that smoking is a stigmatised activity, and said: ‘This stigma is not always related to the level of risk to the foetus, and instead can be seen as a moral judgement about women. 

We urgently need to move from individualised neo-liberal discourses about the failure of individual smokers, to a more socio-ecological view which avoids victim blaming.’

See? Actually, pregnant women who drink and smoke are the victims here, because it’s their body and something about stigma and how it’s not really that bad for the babies.

Data from NHS Digital shows that 10.5 per cent of English women are known to be smokers when they give birth.

This figure shoots up to a quarter – 24.9 per cent – in North East Lincolnshire, 24.5 per cent in Blackpool, 23.3 per cent in Mansfield and Ashfield. 

At the time of their first pregnancy assessment, 21 per cent of women in Wales smoke.

However the figures, released in December, could be higher, as women answering the questions might lie to avoid being judged

Women have no moral compass. They have no built-in notion of good and evil. This is why they operate based on community consensus instead of logical and objective facts. If the community reacts negatively to something they do (their fear of being judged) then they’re likely to avoid doing it.

This is why shaming works so well with women and why the Jews are pushing hard to fight shaming and bullying.

They’re attacking both fronts: corrupting society to neutralize the community’s gut reaction to women’s depravity, and until that’s accomplished and the community no longer reacts negatively towards depravity they condition the community to avoid shaming and bullying women when they’re confronted with their depravity.

Dr Aimee Grant, the lead researcher from Cardiff University’s Centre for Trials Research, said: ‘Moral judgements are commonly directed towards mothers through reference to health behaviour in pregnancy, and working-class mothers are particularly subject to this criticism, ignoring the challenges of living on a low income.

One of the challenges of living on a low income is having to spend money in cigarettes that would be better spent in something else and smoking those while you’re pregnant.

Our study shows that these looks and comments – including by members of the public – irritate and alienate pregnant women, making them less likely to seek help. No one wants to be judged and shamed.’

She’s assuming women want to seek help. They don’t. Women want to drink and smoke during pregnancy. They don’t care. They do that away from the public eye to avoid being judged, yes, but that only proves their fear is judgment and not ruining the health or life of their unborn child.

What she’s saying is also further proof shaming really works, because those pregnant women she talks about don’t smoke or drink in public to avoid the judgment and shaming that she implies are negative things.

If there’d be no judgment and shaming, those women wouldn’t “seek help” but smoke more and drink more even in public.

You may be tempted to think the a study involving only 10 participants is not a good representation of the United Kingdom as a whole.

Resist temptation.

Women in the United Kingdom are absolute trash. Don’t forget it is known to have one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world.

Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health:

The UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in Europe. There are limited data available to compare trends in breastfeeding internationally, particularly at age 6-8 weeks when current UK data are recorded. An analysis of global breastfeeding prevalence found that in the UK only 34% of babies are receiving some breast milk at 6 months compared with 49% in the US and 71% in Norway.

Breastfeeding rates in the UK decrease markedly over the first weeks following birth. In the 2010 UK Infant Feeding Survey, 81% of mothers in the UK initiated breastfeeding, but only 34% and 0.5% were breastfeeding at 6 and 12 months respectively. Figures for England in 2015/16 show that while almost three quarters of mothers started breastfeeding (73.1%)3 , this fell to 43.2% at 6-8 weeks. In Scotland, 49.3% of women were reported to be breastfeeding soon after birth, but only 38.9% at 6-8 week review.

Explanations why the prevalence of breastfeeding in the UK is low are complex and multiple. Mothers may experience practical problems in establishing breastfeeding, and fail to access or receive adequate practical support. Maternal concern about whether an infant is receiving sufficient milk may result in reinforcement from friends, family and health professionals, to “supplement” with formula which undermines maternal milk production and is strongly associated with secondary lactation failure and premature cessation of breastfeeding. Societal attitudes may lead to women feeling uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public or in the presence of peers and family members.

How hard is it for these sluts to put their baby’s mouth in one of their nipples? Women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of mammalian life and these useless front-holes can’t figure out how to make a baby suck on a tit.

Yet another thing where dogs are vastly superior to human women.

Breastfeeding is necessary for the correct and healthy development of children. It influences their health, their immune system, and even their IQ.

Breasts have a purpose, just like wombs and women’s bodies, and women are not using any of those for their intended purpose.

We have to take over and fix this mess.