UK: Primary School Headmistress Terrorizes Children to Fight “Sexism”

This is all speeding up so fast now, because no one has the ability to use any kind of language to fight back against it.

These leftist lunatics can literally demand anything, and anyone who tries to push back is automatically a hater, because the only language you can use to push back has been labeled hate speech.

“Come on, this is ridiculous” is still sort of allowed, but that isn’t really enough to stop any of this madness.


A UK primary school headmistress has kicked off a storm after revealing that she has instructed her teachers not to use a number of “sexist” phrases, including ‘let’s go, guys’ and ‘boys and girls’.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, who heads the Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham, told the Good Morning Britain show on Thursday that students as young as three are taught to reject the use of the banned expressions by holding up posters.

The program – which has stoked fierce debate among parents – rewards the two students who flag the ‘best’ instances of such usage with certificates at the end of the week.

“If our boys and girls grow up and in school we don’t challenge this sexist language and boys are told, ‘man up’, ‘grow a pair’ and ‘boys don’t cry’, it’s very damaging for them…abusers later on potentially, or bullies, will also use this fear,” Hewitt-Clarkson said.

“Fear is the biggest weapon that abusers have and if boys are told, ‘boys don’t get scared’, ‘boys don’t talk about their feelings’, then where are they going to go when they are afraid and they are frightened?” she added.

“Fast forward a little bit to when the children are older just to see why this is so important because it’s a tiny part of a huge jigsaw,” said Hewitt-Clarkson, who had previously said that there was a thread tying tragic outcomes like the murder of Sarah Everard to casual ‘banter’ and the examples adults set.

When asked how the school handled the resulting issues in addressing students in a classroom setting, Hewitt-Clarkson said that the preferred greeting should be “good morning everyone” since that does not create a gender divide and includes people who might not identify as either sex.

Journalist Nana Akua, who was also part of the show, called the move “absolutely ridiculous” and warned that “we’re creating a generation of wallflower kids who are listening for an offence.”

Noting that the “context of language” was important, Akua told Hewitt-Clarkson her “energy is in the wrong place.”

Social media users were divided on the school’s emphasis on gender identity and inclusion with as many supporters defending the program as important as there were critics who called it unnecessary.

Describing it as “absolutely ridiculous”, one person, a primary school teacher, tweeted, “Let kids be kids. They grow up too fast as it is.”

“Let the kids be kids” – yes, you can say that. But it doesn’t do anything.

In order to really push back, you would have to say “boys are boys and girls are girls, and telling them otherwise is a crime against them, which is going to cause permanent damage.”

We have already accepted, as a society, the premises of the trannies, and been cowed by them. So you can say “sex is real, it’s the same thing as ‘gender,’ and human beings need this as a part of their identity.”

Totally unrelated, but this is still a thing, and feminists still don’t care about it