Weirdo Russian Blogger Calls for Death of Police Officers’ Families, Goes to Prison

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2019

Weird-looking people should be thrown into dungeons, as a rule.

I have always been a firm advocate of jailing anyone shifty-eyed and shiftless. I hold this principle higher in my hierarchy of ethics than even the 1st and 2nd Amendments. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I’d gladly give up my guns if the government promised to pass laws against ugly people. A gun may jam, but distrusting the strange and disproportionate is a strategy that has never let me down in my life.

I’m glad someone took this eyesore off of this sanpaku-eyed kook off the streets where he can’t make innocents uncomfortable anymore.

Channel News Asia:

A Russian court on Tuesday (Sep 3) sentenced a blogger to five years in prison for a tweet that called for attacks on the children of law enforcement officials, news agencies reported.

Moscow’s Presnensky district court found Vladislav Sinitsa guilty on extremism charges and ruled he must serve five years in a penal colony, Russia’s three main news agencies reported from the court.

Sinitsa, a manager who wrote on Twitter under the pseudonym Max_Steklov and lives in a town outside Moscow, was detained last month over the tweet he posted on Jul 31, according to investigators.

He was charged with inciting hatred against a social group using the Internet and with a threat of violence, under Russia’s harsh anti-extremism legislation.

Now, some unhelpful people will no doubt chime in and assert that this is a violation of rights or anti-free speech or something equally inane and stupid. There aren’t many people who shill for free left out there, but I suppose the ones that still do can accurately be called Tactical Principle(ists) who always figure out a way to take the most counter-productive position on everything.

Rand “Poodlehead” Paul comes to mind.

It is an undeniable fact that ZOG-supporting liberal extremists are treated with kid gloves all over the world, because countries know that a crackdown on these terrorists will send the international press into a fit and that millions of low-info Western normies will get the whole “muh principles” spiel from the Principalists calling for war in the name of sacred values and principles that their own citizens do not even enjoy in the West. Naturally, when countries like Russia do exercise the law in a sane manner against the sadists and weirdos and freaks trying to overrun their country, they get accused of being tyrannical and totalitarian.

But this could not be further from the case.

The amount of shit that these countries tolerate from their domestic liberal terrorist class is just insane. You have to really and I mean really try to get arrested in Russia for being a Western shill.

Sinitsa in his tweet imagined a situation in which people found the homes of law enforcement officers to kidnap and kill their children, which investigators said was a call to violence.

That doesn’t really do what he wrote justice.


Looking at this guy’s face, it is clear to me that he just wanted to make snuff films of children and was just looking for a political platform that would tolerate his ideas, which he naturally found on the left.

His tweet was picked up and reported on by pro-Kremlin media.

Sinitsa’s case was rushed through in a single hearing. Prosecutors had asked for the maximum possible sentence of six years.

Long story short, I don’t see any violation of free speech principles here. This story is about the Russian government stamping out weirdo degeneracy and putting a freak in a dungeon, where he belongs.