Western Powers Agitating for Revolution in the Philippines to Start War with China Over Fishing Waters

In 2016, Rody Duterte would have been one of my picks for “world’s top populist leader.” He was killing drug dealers and drug addicts, fixing infrastructure, helping the poor, and doing all sorts of things that any reasonable person would believe are good.

He was also telling the United States that he had no interest in helping them do a war, and said he would rather align himself with China and Russia. He met with the leaders of both China and Russia, and started making deals with them.

Then, come 2020, the guy went nuts with this coronavirus hoax, and locked down the entire country, despite the fact it is a tropical nation where it is virtually impossible for the flu to spread.

Now, the Western media apparatus is moving to remove him from power, claiming that he did not do enough to stop the flu.

The CIA is now trying to stir up a revolution against him.

VICE News:

Tens of thousands of Filipinos have signed an online petition demanding Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte resign to “save the nation” from his government’s pandemic response as coronavirus cases in the country near one million.

Critics blame mounting caseloads and deaths, slow vaccinations, and economic fallout on Duterte, who has been slammed for frequent unexplained disappearances. In a recent incident, Duterte went missing for two weeks as rumors swirled over his health.

“We deserve and demand better. Our country is on the brink of disaster. At the time the nation needs him most, Duterte is a total failure as a leader. He must step down,” the petition on Change.org read. 

As of Monday afternoon it had nearly 60,000 signatures, well above the 500 from the medical, law, media, and religious communities last week.

John Nery, a political observer and columnist for the PhilippineDaily Inquirer, said it was important for people to make their voices heard through the petition even if the chances of Duterte stepping down are slim.

“In terms of what is called narrative capacity, yes, it is becoming clearer that the campaign is in fact already achieving something important: An outraged, deeply frustrated public is telling the true story of the pandemic,” he told VICE World News.

“We are all in trouble because Duterte failed. Duterte is a failure.”

The petition also mentioned “kowtowing to foreign powers,” a reference to Duterte’s alleged unwillingness to confront Beijing over territorial disputes in the South China Sea because of how it might affect vaccine supply.

Yes – telling the United States that you don’t want to do a war to protect fishing waters that you don’t even use is “kowtowing to foreign powers.”

Obviously, the CIA wrote this petition.

No one in the Philippines cares about these fishing waters. There is no evidence that they belong to the Philippines anyway – these are literally international waters.

The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty is from 1982, and does not take into account China’s use of these trade routes for the last several thousands of years.

Furthermore: there is no evidence that China won’t allow Filipinos to fish in these waters, even if they did want to fish in these waters – which they probably do not.

This is the average Philippines fishing boat:

They’re not going 200 miles off the coast.

Look at this:

The Philippines now has the highest number of coronavirus cases among countries in the Western Pacific region, according to data from the World Health Organization. The total number of deaths is approaching 16,000.

“He has done too much damage to our people,” the petition said, referring to Duterte. “He will never change. He must resign.”

The reason the Philippines has “the highest number of cases” is the same reason Brazil has “the highest number of cases” – the United Nations went in and started doing mass fake PCR tests and saying that there was an out of control “pandemic” without ever providing any evidence other than these fake PCR tests.

They did this as a way to hurt the economy, and rile people up against the respective leaders of these countries, which they’ve been seeking to depose for a very long time.

They want to remove Duterte and get some really anti-China leader in power, so they can start agitating China. What Duterte has repeatedly pointed out is that the Philippines has a long list of problems, and China’s supposed infringement on their fishing waters is not in the top 100 on that list of problems.

The Philippines is the poorest country in Asia, on par with Africa.

What the UN and US want to do is provoke a war, which would actually result in Chinese troops occupying the Philippines.

It’s not actually impossible that Duterte is dead, and they are using deep fakes.

The other possibility is that Duterte leaned into the coronavirus hoax as a way of preventing a revolution by establishing a virus police state. Who knows if that will work. I don’t know.